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mazza on 2013-02-19 05:12:50
is this a file yet?

annie123 on 2012-04-02 08:58:24
i have been wearing diapers full time now 18 month at first it was hard to let go and use them the files helped me with my mind set not sure i ever went under but i can repeat like every work form the files.At first i did cheat a few time. it was not until i gave all my panties away and really lived what my feelings that it came to me. first it was just a feeling the need to go and i would knowingly let it go tell my self its is right to do i'm a baby and babies wet their diaper. now i cant even tell until i feel it leak out or i notices i'm wet. today was a big mile stone for me i started messing my diaper most of 5 months ago but i had to think and try to do it. i want it to be natural like my pee so back to the files.this morning i got up with my normal wet diaper and went to the kitchen for my bottle. walking back it happen total uncontrollable bowel movement. yes i knew it happen but it was not like i was trying or any thing as i walked it came out of my bottom. my first one. i am so happy. i guess all i have done to make my like better was worth it my beautiful nursery, changing what i eat and only bottles and tippy cups, down to my every day dress. yes i do get some looks most think i'm "slow" but i'm the top in sales at my job. and my boss don't care as long as his number are good. for you wantabe baby you need to live it breath it, and want it. as my old dada told me its was easier to learn not to wet and mess with everyone telling you that was bad. then to to take years and undo it. thanks to all for the help. it time i guess to change out of this mess wet happy diapers. proud baby girl

lucia-emilie on 2011-10-28 12:51:25
I love the idea of this, though i think it should be serialised looks like alot for 1 file

diapercum on 2011-07-13 06:28:15
ok hi yes i justl love this file for one thing i like is it says the word diapers a lot and i love to here the word diapers . Diapers and plastic pants turn me on so much PLEASE make the file and a female voise would be wonderful also. I also love to ejuckulate into my diapers and squrt squrt a lot of stickey cum in them thankyou.

nman97 on 2010-11-26 14:02:15
I'd love to try it out.(but if you make it a file could you make a copy one only for night time accidents)

wetbabypeepants on 2010-11-04 17:50:52
classicg thanks for your comments. Actually I have tried to edit the text of this slightly a couple of times but the system does not allow you to directly edit the text. re#5 some people do like to have their diapers overflow. re your comment on#6 the file is related to pee and wetting ONLY and does not suggest or encourage messy diapers. In fact that would be very unhealthy combined with the other things in the file. re diaper rash, proper use of protective creams like Sudocreme and/or Aloe Vera will prevent that even if you are always in diapers that are to some extent wet. Of course you need to use good diapers, and a mix of cloth and disposables is good. Having ones that allow air to circulate on the outside (like Molicare pants or Tena pants, or even cloth pants) is much better than plastic pants, better for you skin. Also please note this is a draft for a script, not an actual script.

classicg on 2010-11-04 09:09:34
I really do like this overall, but there is room for improvement. Regarding #5 and #6: wearing a wet diaper for a while is one thing, but keeping it on until it overflows is going way too far, and even language such as 'thoroughly soaked' might be asking for trouble. I think #5 would be best shortened to "The more you wet your diaper the happier you will be, and you will want to wear your wet diaper as long as possible.". As for #6, I think "thoroughly saturated (or messed in)" would be a better choice of phrasing.

Contrary to earlier comments, I'm pretty sure that just keeping a wet diaper on for a moderate period of time won't cause diaper rash. Unless you're dealing with cheap disposables, there isn't any real need to change as soon as one wets. Cloth diapers or decent disposables are normally able to take multiple wettings, and it's pretty common to keep wet diapers on until their capacity is reached.

For those who actually need to wear them, one thing I've often seen recommended is to use multiple layers of cloth and/or disposable diapers, so that there is enough capacity to last through a whole day (or night) without needing a change. I've worn diapers most of my life, and this is something I do myself quite often. Speaking from personal experience, I cannot remember -ever- having problems like diaper rash just from wearing a wet diaper, at least not without something else aggravating the situation.

diapercum on 2010-05-18 17:11:49
HI i love to stay in wet diapers most all thi time I love thick wet cloth diapers and i donot have much trubel about diaper rash. I ware thick wet cloth diapers and plastic pants all night every night and i love it. Also i love to run my hands all over my diapers and plastic pants also love to look at myself in diapers and plastic pants. Yes I think the thickest diapers posable at all the time is required and feals good. Also love to ejucklate into wet diapers love to rud and hump into my diapers and plastic pants and let the diapers do the work as theay feal so good that theay make me want to ejucklate and make a squrt squrt or a stickey squrt mess in my diaper oh what love?

wetbabypeepants on 2009-06-15 08:21:01
Hi Liljennie thanks for your thoughtful comments. If you'd like to suggest some re-wording for 6 and 7 please do

LilJennie on 2009-06-15 07:10:09
Yes, my concern would be that 6 and 7 are likely to give you a bad case of diaper rash. Yes, most disposables are made to take wetness away from the skin, often combining it with chemicals into a gel, but there's still a risk of diaper rash, and there are people who prefer cloth ones -- though you could always just advise that cloth diaper wearers not use this file.

wetbabypeepants on 2009-05-31 18:35:05
sleepyjosh thanks for your comment. If the diapers were cloth yes always being wet could be a problem health wise. I think modern adult diapers and incontinence pants, say Bambinos or Tena Super or Molicare all have special manufacture to make pee absorbed deep into the diaper and keep the surface next to your skin dry. They do seem to do this well so it would not be a concern so long as you use normal baby care procedures and good disposables.

sleepyjosh on 2009-05-27 21:52:56
I would recommend against this only because constantly wearing a wet diaper would be extremely unhealthy; they need to be changed when wet. Other than that, the rest of the suggestions sound like a good combination.