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babywrath on 2015-11-04 05:13:09
please make this file my mommy and i would love to have this file made for me

LilJennie on 2013-11-06 23:31:04
Yes, I must admit that this is a huge fantasy of mine, but completely impractical for anyone who has to survive in today's world and hold down a job. In order for this to work, there would have to be some way for it to turn on and off -- for example, if it were triggerable and had a maximum duration (it could be untriggered, but if it wasn't, it would untrigger itself after a fixed period of time). In addition, perhaps there could be a fail-safe, where the effect would end if there were some sort of emergency, like someone needing to speak to you about something urgent, the important phone call mentioned earlier, or maybe just not feeling safe to have the communications skills of a baby. And what about the opposite -- what if you couldn't understand what anyone said while you were under the effects either? Perhaps you could understand only the hypnosis file and whoever triggered you.

Randomguy on 2013-01-06 15:07:13
seems a bit, how to put it... a bit far in the "scary" department. in a "i have no mouth, and i must scream" way. triggerable or not-so-fully permanent curse would be better, i think. as in: less likely to be something you regret the rest of your life, or at least a very long time.

KIY on 2012-10-19 18:47:19
How would people on WMM ever know if it worked for a user? ;-) Actually, I like the idea of No Curse Words better. I think a file which forced the user to only speak in a squeaky-clean manner, using proper English would be very interesting.

mondaytuesday on 2012-06-23 01:52:05
very haunting and a turn on, really.

itssirtou on 2012-02-22 11:10:46
This would be great for bigots & racists!! imagine a bigot being reduced to a babbling baby!! ...The only change Id make is if the bigot started doing things to help people of diffferent races get along better, as a reward, his baby-ness can become less until the bigot is exactly the opposite - a productive positive person! imagine how much we'd save money on TAXES if more of us got along!!

EntrancedVulpine on 2011-10-26 18:03:58
This is an utterly retarded concept.

mattnee on 2011-02-13 16:20:33

baby-boy_forever8888 on 2010-10-16 17:35:22
this file sucks! what if you have an important phone call

kpaxor on 2010-09-06 18:18:50
I accidently checked against I ment to check for.

jakeofspade on 2010-06-06 22:29:08
I think the file would garner a lot more popularity if it was triggerable.

LilJennie on 2010-05-11 14:04:27
I thought it said "no curse words" :)

tietotree on 2010-05-06 00:23:56
i definite wqnt to seee this file

lexii on 2010-03-31 06:01:12
I want this file