Have you seen results? How long if so?

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Have you seen results? How long if so?

Postby cheekylilmissy » August 10th, 2023, 8:58 am

Honestly, i've tried listening to a few different files over the last year. And I feel I have yet to find any file after consistent use (multiple months) that have affected me in the way I desire.

Is Hypno just hocus pocus? Even if I'm fully invested, willing to listen/agree/desire to any suggestion I don't feel I've really changed in the way the file would describe.

Has anyone had any long-lasting/permanent changes genuinely made with hypnosis? or is it all just kink fluff that does nothing aside from providing you with a more vivid imagination?

My goals we're 24/7 & a permanent loss of control, and I've been wearing diapers non stop since I had first started. I've definitely seen my control slip since I started and would genuinely consider myself heavily diaper trained at this point. But as for files that promise complete loss of control, I just don't see the results I desire.

How has your experience been?
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Re: Have you seen results? How long if so?

Postby stan » August 11th, 2023, 1:05 am

Best advice is to suggest trying some live hypnosis rather than file.

Last time a friend asked for bedwetting .. we did a few sessions and after a couple of weeks that had to ask to roll it back a bit.

Their reasoning was:
"I didn't expect it to actually work"

Some people just don't get the same experience listening to files. I look at most files and consider it wonderful fantasy content - which may help you make habits and condition yourself.
That is to say if you wear every night and wet without waking up they reinforce what you're already doing and keep your mind on *doing something*
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