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Man-sissy hypnos

PostPosted: December 4th, 2021, 2:02 pm
by princesitanatty
Hi i like man-sissy hypnos and stories, but there are very few. Does anyone like the same? Maybe we might make a list of recomendations? I mean, most feminization hypnos are femdom-oriented, and most gay hypnos are not sissy-oriented. I like a guided imagery hypno about a man-sissy romance.

Re: Man-sissy hypnos

PostPosted: July 14th, 2022, 1:16 pm
by Ghost1971
Hi there,

I've listened to a lot of sissy hypnos from multiple creators, and have come across what you may be looking for. One of the creators is called MsJ/Miss Julie and she created the 'Little Miss Squidgy' series of files. Originally there were a TTS voice, but she had them redone with someone called Northern Master doing the voice work. You therefore have multiple Sissification files dealing with the usual subjects (cock addiction, dressing up, impotence, bimbofication etc) all being enforced by a real male voice (the original versions are also still available).

You might want to give these files a go (you may already be aware of them anyway).

Hope this helps.

Re: Man-sissy hypnos

PostPosted: January 5th, 2024, 11:23 am
by lockedstonerboy
Try Major Pixel. I don't like listening to women or TTS stuff either. He IS The Voice. Sexy and erotic. It keeps me coming back for more.

Re: Man-sissy hypnos

PostPosted: January 16th, 2024, 9:49 am
by slaveboyny
I like him as well. He is actually the voice666. The other amazing voice is EMG himself. His files are wonderful.

Re: Man-sissy hypnos

PostPosted: March 10th, 2024, 7:16 pm
by larrn
Also have listened to and enjoyed Major Pixel, Voice 666 files.
Have tried to contact him with no success. Live in Seattle and would like to meet him.
Hopefully some day.