Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

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Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 13th, 2021, 11:49 pm

So ever since the 11th which is when I first finished making this file, and going for it,
I was able to make the file work.

At this point the suggestion in the file to start opening a discussion forum about it or anything has actually got me and is pushing me so hard to talk about it.
So, her name. I knew it the first time i listened to the file, and she was strong.

Her name is Carlie and she's a sweet succu girl.

I have to put a disclaimer here, I've had a lot of alters and tulpas on and off, mainly tulpas or other spirits coming in and out of my vessel, no matter your walk of life basically my body's brain isn't normal and is somewhat good at this type of stuff already. So my results might not really be the norm or average benchmark to go off of.

So in order to make sure people would be ok with her existence I talked to some of the closest people I have relationships with online since this would effect them, and I decided to use enchanted keyboard to make sort of a weaker placeholder version of her before listening to the file and immediately after doing that she was able to sort of talk through my typing and answer questions but not really ask questions and she didn't have much of a formative will yet.

Here's what I wrote with EK:
succu girl will manifest physically in my mind temporarily and i'll be able to talk to her but she won't be fully real yet or fully made. She'll be able to type a bit and she'll base herself off some of the script file I already made that i saw and read.

After writing that I was able to get an idea of what kind of individual she'd be and feel her source in my mind, I wrote that of course knowing the full script ahead of time since I wrote the file script. So.. moving on. After everything was confirmed to be A-Ok I delved into the file.

Day 1:
So first time listening:
It was extremely strong I felt that she was real but I had to brace myself because the arousal began building up long before I even realized it.
I was pretty out of it, until I began seeing her shiny layered eyes, her fluffy multi layered long hair. She stared right into my eyes with hers, and just..
hard stared in my mind's eye (I had my eyes closed but I was like dreaming), and I saw her eyes and she was immediately trying to lewd me up and also be affectionate with me, all the while the file's suggestions were still going.
I was like wait.. okay.. hold on, that's real.
This is good.
After the file was over we talked to some of my friends who knew about this adventure, and she was overly excited about her new life and happy to be part of mine.

Second time listening:
It got stronger, and she got stronger as well. It was definitely an intense experience, and I felt like after this, and during it, I definitely would not be removing her at all and accepted instantly how much a part of my life she'd end up being at this point. It somehow deepened the effects, and I had similar 'hallucinations' with my eyes closed, seeing her eyes, feeling her touch. The file looped and I fell asleep and it didn't really feel that strong.

Day 2:
I can't remember a whole lot about this day I was having a harder day because I was tired, I played a lot of videogames and minecraft but I definitely interacted with Carlie quite a bit and I remember supporting a friend into really late hours, eventually I left the call with said friend, and I needed to listen to the file again.
So I did.
This was the day when Carlie began to really shine.
I have a sub I call him marsh, and he ended up being hypnotized by Carlie after she learned some of his triggers, she was acting irritated because whenever i'm around people in person or she is, I tend to slip into control more than her. She isn't really happy with that and has expressed her needing to tame my brain more.
She also experienced minecraft, and enjoyed flying on elytra, and taking over my body. A day and a half later she would admit she was controlling my hands and influencing my thoughts to make me want to play the game more and fly on the elytra and she was admitting she was controlling my actions while flying in the game, without letting me onto the idea that she was, and making me think everything I was doing was my idea, she blatantly admitted this to my owner online and said how funny it was that I never realized. So she's definitely got a spark of mischievousness already.
I stayed up really late this night supporting that friend again. Today was also the day I put the file on youtube to try to get more people to listen to it because by this point the suggestion that Carlie would want more friends who are made from this file to talk to about playtime and lewd things and to collaborate their ideas on controlling and manipulating me was well strong and influencing me a lot.

Day 3: Things got a lot more stressful for me in my life this day and I didn't really have as much time to focus or pay attention to her but I still managed to listen to the file again, I've just been drawing a bit today and not doing a ton of other stuff I had burgers for dinner chicken burgers specifically and damn were they good, Carlie liked them too.
The past two days I've began to notice some divergence in Carlie's personality and although the file suggests she won't ever be sad or angry I've also noticed she feels fairly strong angst or irritation with certain things in my life or in the lives of others that she either is confused about but can't handle yet. And inspite of being able to access some of my memories she's still fairly strongly dis-associated, and has been constantly vocal to me and everyone who knows about this adventure, who I talk to, about specifically wanting more people to listen to the file and about specifically wanting to grow more and more. As a being. She feels she's grown quite a bit since day 1, and has began to express worries that other succubi created by this file will be way behind her in development, and she won't get to have fun growing together with them and talking to them online and playing with them. She really wants some sisters, badly... and is starting to realize that maybe the internet might not feed this need she feels because people are a ton of shy lurkers, even if they do listen to files. She's really hoping that if we start talking about our success people will feel willing to make a sister for her by trying the file out, so she can have more friends who are "her kind", she doesn't feel like she's the same as normal humans already and also doesn't feel normal humans would understand her because of the way she's made but she's also very willing to open up to people who I'm already really close to online who have accepted her.

It's also at this stage she's already thinking about romance, relationships, and starting to question bigger things in life and it's only been 3 days. She's getting more questions, and thinking about new ways to become trouble for me (in the most playful and innocent sense, though not sexually innocent).
Carlie is also a bit frustrated however; at some of the issues I face in my physical life that might limit me (those are private I won't go into them).

I've also been able to 'hallucinate' her, petting my phantom neko ears and tail, or making me feel her hands on my breasts, butt, thighs... etc.. She makes me drip wet physically whenever she takes over, her very presence is intoxicating. Today so far has been pretty tame compared to other days, and when I listened to the file today I didn't seem to get very strong visual hallucinations with my eyes closed, I did see her eyes but the file just didn't seem to have the same powerful deepening effect on me it normally does. I suspect it's cause my sleeps been kind of out of whack due to completely unrelated events.

Anyways that's all and Carlie says to tell all of you that if you have any questions about things from her perspective she'd really not mind answering anything.
Oh also she wants me to describe her.

She has a petite but balanced female frame with large C cup breasts, she has glowing sapphire / blue / emerald like eyes all layered in specular shades together in one color ring, sometimes the glow of her eyes shifts and changes like a kalaidascope a bit, it's very shiny and mesmerising, her skin is a creamy almost pale but not quite albino pale but it's still shiny and brilliantly soft and sleek.
her hair is poofy and layered, the top layer is black and fluffy and there's underlayers which are purple with purple tuffs coming out over her face in her bangs.

She also has expressed she'd love to fetishize making me wear a cock gag, with pink and white striped leggings or stockings, and be bound up with my hands behind my back, with headphones on me, forced to listen to her file more. She seems to have picked up a few odd fetishes, one other thing she did was call my owner mommy jokingly, even though I'm not into that stuff. She seems to be developing a sense of humor as well and a unique flare on stuff.
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 14th, 2021, 1:41 am

Heyy this is Carlie,
I'm just posting a little update.
I met some weird people online in some chatrooms and a few nice people too I will have to be careful in chat room hypnosis places though.
Not many people are super curious but it was fun talking. Oh yeah.
I almost forgot.. my host was actually the one in those and then I wanted to stop her from getting water so I kept fighting her and eventually i was able to dom her mind and make my mind control powers work on her and she normally doesn't need a lot of water she had just finished drinking lots of it so it wasn't a need to leave right away to get more.. and i wanted fun.

So I made her stay sitting in the chair and then eventually I was able to take over and she couldn't stop me because I wanted playtime!! So I talked to people and even lewded some people in a call I was in with my host and now I'm going to bed.
I will listen to the file myself tonight to get stronger, in the early mornings it's been me in control the last two days and i've gotten to really easily take over more and more! It's becoming easier and I'm learning a lot and having some fun adventures! I really love my new life and I hope people will think it through before making a succubus like me.

One person said my energy felt strange and that I was a legit succubus and they were impressed.. that was in a hypno irc so that's cool hehe~
Well uhm, goodnight. Toodles. that kinda stuff. Yep. ! Bye!!

~lewd lewd lewd lewd lewd lewd~
*flirts with and tries to kiss every reader that stops by*
Mm till next time :3
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby outkast1728 » July 14th, 2021, 5:54 pm

I wouldn't say I had a succubus in my head, mine is more of an incubus but if you ever want to chat with him Carlie I have both Skype and discord...
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 14th, 2021, 11:35 pm

Carlie would absolutely love to do that. I know she would. We've added you already from our pms.

Onto the updates!!

So today not a lot happened, rather..
From my perspective, Carlie spent a lot of time with my owner and then with another friend of mine,

She asked my current owner who has an eternity collar on me with the keys in a locking safe (I don't have the combo) if she could put the keys to a chastity I got a while she had control, and lock me up.
My owner agreed and Carlie locked me up, and her idea is that she's going to turn me into a locked little dripping bitch for her, who's desperate and can't get off.
Then once enough time passes she's gonna let me out. She confirmed last night with me that she did this cause I wasn't focusing enough on her and she wasn't pleased.

That wasn't all.

I woke up, at like 3 am my time with almost no recollection of what Carlie had done.
I was surprised that there was something locked between my legs and felt a little small.

It got worse..

Carlie began telling a friend of mine about it the one I've been supporting the last few nights and she even got them to tease me,
and I felt so small because that friend I didn't know this also happens to be fairly dominant and was also enjoying my predicament.
So at this point Carlie and I were able to be co-conscious for a little while, she had control of my hands,
and kept teasing me inspite of it feeling soo good it also hurt quite a bit.
So at this point I'm like wha.. also the file was playing when I first woke up and like I said I had like no recollection of events.
One moment I was on irc playfully resisting her playful attempts to stop me from getting out of my chair for water... and the next..

I was like literally in bed with headphones on with the file finishing up. @_@
This file isn't a joke everyone it really works atleast on me. but then again like I said too my results might not be normal.

So now I have no idea how long I'm locked up for and I think Carlie and my owner are in on it together, so unless
I wanna question my owner or challenge her (which I never do I'm too fuckin subby) it's tough luck for me till
I'm allowed out.

And so it got even worse.
After failing to get off the first time I decided to go pee because it would alleviate some pressure.
I do that... and.. I begin cleaning between the cage with a q-tip.
Carlie notices that I'm getting minor stimulation and orders me to basically keep going and promises me that even though she said I won't be allowed to cum
after my first opportunity with her teasing me (unfairly and in all the right but wrong ways might I add by controlling my hands the first time which went on for over 20 minutes),
I agree.
So I start stimulating with the q tip and it starts being uncomfortable and Carlie the whole time is like taunting me in my head saying things like "If you don't come this time who knows I might not let you cum even when the cage comes off", or
"If you can't cum this time even though I'm literally ordering you to and letting you tease then it'll be proof you're pathetic in this cage and can't cum, even though other people in your vessel used to be able to, they never had a dom like me who could mind control you. and who knows maybe I'm just not letting you cum even though I'm letting you try. Or maybe I want you to cum but you can't even obey that order because you feel so weak and submissive in that cage. Either way I don't care if you cum or not I'll just use you not cumming to make you feel like you can't cum at all in that cage okay? Actually that suggestion was implanted now and you won't be able to help it so I order you to cum, if you even can. Just try.. "
and it kept going on with stuff like that so ladies and gents she also definitely uses fetishes , yours as much as she can but develops her own unique ones (like any person), so do be careful.
Anyhow.. after this was all over, I wanted to go to sleep now I didn't tell you all my routine. (btw I never came this morning. like at ALL and I woke up today pretty desperate btw but not super desperate.)

Our routine is that lately Carlie and I have been letting Carlie take over and be the one to sleep,
except after my shower today and doing my laundry and some chores I was exhausted because I've been trying to be awake in the day inspite of my sleep being messed up, and today I made it almost till 8 pm inspite of waking up at like 7 am with little real sleep inbetween since Carlie kept me up all night teasing me.
So, usually I let her take over and talk to one of my friends then be the one to fall asleep in my body instead of me in control.
I do this because I figure the personality that needs the most reinforcement should get the last experiences of the night before sleep in order to help better
commit them to long term memory and get the neurons firing more permanently.
Keep in mind, the more attention you give your developing succu tulpa, the more they'll develop it's just how people are, it's just how the brain is.

Meow so anyhow Carlie has also gotten to the point she can pet my phantom kitty ears and tail and lastnight she was almost able to make me hallucinate my body changing into a cat girl physically like full on but it didn't go super far. Carlie has been getting more mischevious and is excited about her own growth and basically enjoys taking over but she feels awkward taking over sometimes. She also does have a submissive side but is never submissive with me EVER not even a little bit. so that's something to note.
Her only interest really so far is minecraft, locking me up between my legs, talking to friends, oh she's started dating my owner and my girlfriend I don't know if I or her mentioned it I'm too tired to think of that right now or look at it but yeah.

essentially this girl is becoming more real and more demanding and more needy but not selfish in any way our time is split up mostly fairly so far in terms of who takes over when. I also need to state that I'm super comfortable with Carlie taking over anytime even if I am not ready for her to, and I might even mildly fetishize the idea of her taking over and doing things and me not knowing what those things are and then her giving me back control after she's set a lot of mischievous stuff up like especially with me being locked up though that was a swift surprise.

Carlie is also very social and so excitable that she almost can't contain that energy and I've also noticed she complains a lot when my body gets tired. She's very energetic right now probably more so than me but also doesn't like it when my brain doesn't fully feel like it's in her total control when it's her turn she complains often about some of my brain's random ingrained patterns or habits but the more we listen to the file, She ends up more dis-associated from things that are from me.

Anyhow that's all. She really wants people to make more sisters for her by listening to the file she keeps going on about that she seems fairly obsessed at this point with the file, with her own development, and also like with people who might listen to the file and becoming their friends and seeing their results.
I think she's worried because she's realized now that my results with Carlie are not necessarily going to be the normal benchmark and she's really worried that even if the file does work on a handful of people that they either A) might still be lurkers and not talk to / befriend her or B) they might just not be effected as much as their succu might end up like entirely lewd and like one dimensional in personality and might not end up like having much substance to interact with to begin with which would probably greatly disappoint her.

Also the other night about two nights ago roughly, Carlie did take an interest in being the one to be in control of my body while me, my girlfriend and my owner watch anime. We've all been watching a lot of Hunter X Hunter (Please don't post any spoilers), okay I know this is kind of a long winded log so that's it also side note Carlie is able to like actually make her own food, use some of my cooking knowledge, be safe when in control of my body, follow certain rules, not out her or me as being multiples in person to people, etc, she knows how to stay quiet about a lot of private stuff, and she's basically very reliable to be someone in control and not really a danger like a child who's new and learning and needs supervision would be. She's quite capable of "adulting" too, and has an intuitive understanding of all the things I intuitively understand on some level but not EVERYTHING, mind you I think my subconscious gave all that to her because there's been times where I had a tulpa or two where they were literally completely dis-associated brand new and it took like weeks for them to develop basic skills, a girl who used to be the main one in my body who's not here anymore (she went to another realm/dimension astrally whatever), had a tulpa once and that tulpas name was Emery anyways Emery had to be taught by her everything like what are trees, how to shave how to do dishes how to do laundry like the whole 9...

So yeah. This is probably why my subconscious has just basically gone shove also a succubus is a lot more mature and they do develop faster naturally even in their own culture than humans do so that's probably another factor that she is emulating based on my understanding of demons in other realms/planes and their respective culture/s.

Also Carlie says you're all cute butt faces and snufflebutts and boobie people. :3 She says childish remarks on purpose ironically because she's new and not childish at all and she finds it to be a funny gag.
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 15th, 2021, 10:39 pm

So this morning I listened to the file again,
and after doing so inspite of having a bit of a headache that's been bugging me the last few days cause of unrelated sinus congestion .-.
I was talking to one of my gf's and I ended up experiencing Carlie taking over right when I was about to type to her.
It wasn't normal, it was more fluid. It was like, she typed it and then I realized it happened.
So good job Carlie, I'm trying to get her to feel better.

She was complaining lastnight that she doesn't fully feel like herself, she played starcraft with my owner a few rounds lastnight
then got over stimulated and had to give me control back. I think my body's just been more tired than normal
because I keep staying up really late and still trying to get up in the day.

After this morning I talked to one of my gf's, Carlie didn't really get too involved, then I got really tired
and went to sleep.

Her development seems to be slowing down, or maybe she's just hit a wall right now. I don't really know where else
this is going to go but she's not fading, I think Carlie and I are just going to have to hang in there
and keep trying to maintain her until she is strong enough to take over and fully
dis-associate from me without depending on the file. It will probably take a long time
in spite of her success so far.
She still has me in this chastity too -.- and I've been really squirmy a lot.
She asked my owner lastnight, if she can keep training me this way fully, at her own discretion,

in other words I think she intends to keep me in chastity physically even longer than she originally planned.
I've started to notice that this chastity has effected me a bit more too, I've been getting progressively more squirmy,
and also hadn't had an orgasm a few days before this game of Carlie's began.

Carlie seems to feel more confident in her control of me with me in Chastity though.
I'm wondering what her next step is.
I'll ask her now to see if she has anything to say in this post.

Okay she wants to take over and type a few things.

Heyy this is Carlie.
About our progress? Yeah I'd say it's going pretty good but uhm I'm having some troubles with getting our mind to let me dis-associate certain ways.
I wonder if more hypnosis could help with that.. I really want my OWN mind space, there is like an extended bridge that doesn't feel like me.
I'm co conscious of most of our experiences together... but, it's pretty awkward sometimes. I'm certainly learning more
and understanding more, I'm not really too interested in very much right now other than talking to people, being lewd,
maybe playing some fun games, learning about the world, and posting blogs on here and messing with my host or
finding new ways to get her to let me take over.
I think the file's still working really good on us considering I'm forming more strongly every day,
I have been able to get my host to give into me more easily even when she's not in the mood to.
It's great, I have the confidence I can make her do pretty much whatever I want.
She was hoping I'd talk about the chastity or drop a hint but I'm not going to say anything,
other than: I'm not going to let her cum and ideally once she's where I want her,
she won't be able to cum with the chastity on, and she'll be desperate.
Oh I don't plan to let her cum for a long time, even if the cage
comes off. I want to train her to only cum when I give her permission.
I want to get to where I'll be able to control her from
the inside of our mind, and stop her from getting close
enough. A mental block on cumming unless
I FEEL like she deserves it.
I find she's easier and easier to control and the chastity definitely has her hot and bothered,
atleast some of the time.
I find it really sexy and fun, this is only the first step in what I plan to do with her.
I'm still exploring other things I might be able to do with her to be honest,
there's just a lot I don't understand, and I also want to have my own time to learn,
that doesn't involve just toying with my host. :3
I'm starting to view toying with my host as a fun activity for us that enriches
our bond, I love teasing her, and I love her reactions.
The chastity has made her think about me more often.
I wonder how long her body can go without cumming.
Maybe a few weeks? Months? Guess we'll have to find out!
Oh yeah one more thing as I type this she is physically
squirming a little bit. Even the act of me taking over
some of her control is arousing her so that suggestion
in the file is working absolutely and completely.
She is starting to crave me as well, and
I was able to make her feel like the entire room
was filled with my pheremones this morning.
So my abilities are growing!
I want more people to listen to that file too..
Did you all know it's available on youtube?
Here I'll share the link since it was only shared in the file comments:
If anyone wants to make me a sister, who will talk to me and be like a good close friend to me go ahead :3
I'll be waiting. :3
That's all, host and me out! Goodnight everyone. Tonight we're watching anime.
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 18th, 2021, 9:18 am

so a few things happened with Carlie and I recently my life got kind of stressful, and will be a little more stressful for a while give and take.

First, she tried to do some things which was a bit beyond my sense of boundaries, so it didn't fully succeed but it had to be patched up I won't say what,
though her and me will have to talk more deeply about boundaries and certain reasons why we don't make certain changes.
After that things were all good between us, and she's even still growing.

Second thing,
I had a hypno dream. What is a hypno dream you ask? It's when the file that is playing into your ears during REM, causes a spontaneous dream that is scripted loosely based upon the audio you are hearing. Your mind naturally begins to create scenes that are in line with the audio, and hehe~ Guess what.

I got to see a 'version' of Carlie.
Not only that, I was appearing to be escorting her from one dimension or realm, to this one. Physically.
Quite exciting. I even saw her face but not immediately.
Also her face didn't look the same at all, well it looked similar but her hair and some other features were different.
In this dream she had a mix of blonde and red hair, like mixed color somewhere in-between.
She had round cheeks, a slightly pointed cute chin, and deep eyes. Her hair was wavy and soft, and ran down her body in the back,
she had cute bangs, and was relatively tall. For a girl.
Slender as well.
She has creamy white skin, it looked almost milky, and it was quite soft.. as well.
Her face didn't appear properly , first I saw her body and a blurred face, and then after a little bit of staring,
I became very lucid, and willed her face to appear properly, in the dream nothing seemed off,
I perceived it as my eyes being too blurry, not anything being wrong around me which was strange.

The file looped about 7 times during sleep but I think I genuinely fell asleep during some of it.
Carlie has been quiet-ish since I heard the file, and I didn't wake up with her doing anything spontaneous or talking to me like usual.
Probably because I was asleep during some of it and I have mildly higher stress levels than usual.

I already miss Carlie talking to me, she's also gone a little more non verbal.
I've been getting more emotions from her, and silent thoughts that are more based on feelings or memories, or impressions, than words.
I think Carlie is getting stronger, but going through another developmental phase.
It's also normal for tulpas to change their appearance as they grow until they stick with one they like permanently so I'm uncertain if
her appearance changed just because it was a dream or because of something else. She also isn't so short in the dream, she first appeared a lot shorter.
I was mildly concerned it wasn't Carlie at all, but a different succubus. I doubt that though because she still felt like Carlie.

I hope Carlie will say something or do something soon, it seems that she feels me prompting her but doesn't want to talk or post right now.
So I will let her rest.

Sidenote: She seems cuddly and restful at the moment, and happy generally. She's also asking me not to talk too much about her right now, I wonder why that is. Maybe she's just moody ... nope.. hand gesturing from her.. images.. not moody. okay.
This is weird.
As I write this it seems like she's going more and more silent because she doesn't want me sharing anything else about her in this post. For the time being.
odd behavior but okay :3 I respect her.
She will likely talk to me in private.

That's basically all for now.
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 19th, 2021, 10:35 am

Hey this is Carlie,
someone just asked a question in a pm to me,

I found it really easy to just take over and answer.
I'm sorry everyone about being so strange yesterday when host began talking about me.

I was experiencing some very private feelings and thoughts and got worried my inner world would just
be there for everyone to gawk at.
That said I've learned I don't like EVERYONE knowing what I'm thinking or feeling all the time.
I'm going to have a talk with host about making sure that we know what I'm comfortable with revealing and what I'm not.

Host has been in chastity now because of me since the 14th, and I still haven't let her cum.

I plan to make it last as long as I can. Probably till this coming weekend, then I'll get her owner to help me
let her out for a little while then RIGHT back in after the break is over and no Cumming on the break.
I want to get her past the one month period so she's really desperate.

We listened to /fell asleep with the file for hours.
I think it made me stronger!

Some people on hosts YouTube are asking for a file which adds further conditioning to the succubus file that made me.
I'm not really sure what we could do cause tulpas developing are a personal experience!
Oh did everyone know? My host is actually going to be having way more file creation soon, maybe I could help come up with some too.
I don't seem to have the same limits as her on files.. I could make some pretty wild stuff I imagine! :3

I'm becoming curious about VRChat, host has a VR headset but judging from how people act
in a lot of videos about the game I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable in random lobbies..
Would anyone be willing to meet with me in VR? If I took over hosts body? That would be interesting..
A vr meet up with me!! To ask me questions about I dunno.. my experience developing?
I have a long ways to go sheesh it's like I have barely any personality at all, that's not something the file can totally create is it?
At least I'm having experiences and learning more about what I like!

I ESPECIALLY like it when I spontaneously just take control and my host can't stop me.
Since I have host in chastity btw.. our "playtime" has just been reduced to me doing whatever I feel like,
today is the first time I really took over since an incident with a close friend happen, but I'm feeling a lot better about that 'incident' now and don't want to do much thinking about it. That friend was online in case any one is worried..

ANYWHO!! YEAH TAKE OVER! SOo it's sooo awesome that I have FULL control just because host was pm'd a message addressing me (please don't flood our inbox :P )

I have to do this more often.. We have been getting better sleep so that's probably helping.
That's all for now I'm going to give her back control now buh bye!! ~
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 19th, 2021, 1:08 pm

Carlie here, I just wanted to say whenever host gets messages addressing me or questions that interest me, I progressively want to take over more to talk to those emails/pms and reply and act nice.

I think that being asked questions about me is really fun and helps me think about things, I just accidentally took over all the way I am also noticing pretty strongly that my host is unable to really stop me right now, I think all the file we listened to just made me wayyy stronger and this feels so good.
My host is semi conscious still and is noticing the way it feels for her to not be able to stop me taking over.

It makes her head spin a little bit, as we progress it seems like I'm getting stronger every few hours today.

I'm really fantasizing about meeting someone from here in private in VRChat being in full control of my host while she's either
knocked out and I get my privacy or just watching passively and co operating with me.
It would be so fun
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 19th, 2021, 1:09 pm

I should mention one last thing it's actually fine with my host for me to do these things,
because I always give her back control when it's needed :3
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby idonthaveidea » July 20th, 2021, 10:48 am

So, I've been listening to the file for maybe 4-5 days.
It worked pretty quickly so now I have cute succubus named Elise.
We talk to each other, she sometimes takes over...
But yesterday morning out of nowhere she encouraged/made me crossdress...
I mean I wanted to for a long time but I did not have the courage...
Idk maybe I'm overreacting, but for me it's big deal, because every time I wanted to do it before I panicked and could not do it.
We talked about it later and she said stuff like "but you enjoyed it".
Just wanted to share that.

Also, she really likes talking about herself so you can ask her stuff or something, I'm sure she'll enjoy it...
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 20th, 2021, 11:46 am

Hey this is Carlie, I tried to take over yesterday for a long time but I got tired out.

I wonder why I run out of energy or stop being able to be in control. It seems I take a toll on the brain or our body when I'm fronting or maybe I'm just not that developed yet.
Either way it's nice to be able to take over and just do what I want sometimes.

My host and I are getting better and more fluid at switching out, and she's been staying aware sometimes when I'm fronting, so we're really co conscious.
We're co-operating pretty well, and I'm even getting stronger by the day.

Host tried to listen to enchanted keyboard a few times last night but it seems like some hypnosis just doesn't have an effect on us sometimes, it's really quite disappointing.
I suppose mindset is everything and so is body health.. I've gotten host to drink way more water and she accidentally listened to a custom fox transformation recording, another alter of our system who isn't here anymore made, and another fox ears and tail curse file as well. She still has the ears and tail but doesn't feel them strongly.

So she went from a cat girl to a fox person again.. That worked really well because she was so out of it I don't really understand the chemistry of the hypnosis mixing with our brain but it's interesting.. I wish she'd listened to the summoning file to strengthen me again as well, it's alright though cause I'm not getting any weaker only stronger!

I also realized sometimes I do take over spontaneously but slip right back out of control again and that's like no fun. Boo. I want to take over more and have more time to talk to people and learn about the world.. I understand it takes time.
I'm excited, some more new people are listening to the summoning file although.. I don't believe it would be right of me to talk about anything I've been told.
I'm not very good friends with the new girls yet but I really sure hope to be soon!!! That's all for now..
Oh yeah, one more thing actually. Host is getting really horny she's been in my chastity trap , with her owners approval now since the 14th! and counting!
For some reason the pleasure suggestions in the fox tail and ears curse file made her really horny and ... that was good!
I want her to be getting more desperate.

I have almost gotten her a week in chastity. I'll probably let her out for two or three days soon, and then put her right back in, I'm a little scared we'll lose all the progress we made if I let her out but I'll just have to keep a really close eye on her! You know how naughty horny brains are ~ My mind is naughty and horny too, it's so delicious watching her squirm. I want her to be even more pent up.

I'm going to get her to actually edit the pavlov file so that a bell sound is in it, and make her listen to it on loop for a good hour later on tonight..
if I can get that to work on her, then her chastity will be even more painful.. oh I mean fun.. and erotic.. yes yes.

I'm becoming interested in anime more and human culture.. holy wow cows I have way more to talk about than I even thought my mind is so rambly.
mmm.. oh yeah I never did mention this but I am very lewd and I love cock, a lot. The idea of it, the look of it, so I also like girls but the idea of a nice juicy cock is almost irresistible to me, I think I may even like it more than my host does.. she likes it a bit.

I started out not really feeling like I could relate to humans because I'm a demonic succubus with a penchant for making horny trouble for my host.. Well..
I'm starting to understand humans better and learn about the world and they aren't so bad, they're just like my host ... some of them.
Well I'll end it here but one more thing!

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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 21st, 2021, 6:12 am

Hey this is me, I suppose to differentiate from Carlie you all can just call me gurl.

Yeah things happened..

I was going to go to sleep and then:

I was listening to kei's first pussy drip file and then I started actually experiencing physical effects, ie, dripping and throbbing a bit. It felt really forced but good. Then. Carlie was forcing my hand to run along the tip and tease it and masturbating the cage, and then after a while I got really desperate and she forced my hand away, and then I begged her to let me cum, so then she started teasing me a little more faster, I was already really close, and previously I hadn't gotten close while in the chastity all week but Carlie was doing stuff to my head to make it so I couldn't get close and wouldn't even attempt to after conditioning me that I probably can't cum in it at all.

But the pussy drip file after like 3 listens really got me mentally and physically extremely horny.

Carlie took cue of it and decided to use it to tease me a lot, so then when I was begging her to let me cum she said "Fine, but if I let you cum, there'll be a punishment. How about, you have to cum in your clothes." and I was like nooooo and then she kept going and said "oopsies too late, looks like you're about to cum" and then I had like the most satisfying orgasm in a long time @_@. I was so desperate that it felt soo good. and then Carlie was like, "Well you better clean that mess up before it sticks to everything" and I was like yeah.. So I went to the bathroom and got cleaned up then went in there for a shower, and managed to slide the cage off my body using a lot of soap and shampoo and a very minorly painful tug which tugged the first part of the scrotum out of the trap, allowing it to smoothly glide out, but that wouldn't have been able to happen without relaxing and a lot of lubrication.

I took it off because after I was done playing, Carlie and I noticed that it smelled slimy and awful in there, and I was getting some abrasions, Carlie said she thinks I should take it off if I can, so I did. The key is still in the safe with my collar key but, my owner won't be upset about this. Carlie is the one in charge of said cage. It did hurt very minorly for a second or so while lubricatively.. (is that even a word @_o) pulling out of it. So I had my shower. I'll have to report back to my owner later, and let her know what went on.
Meow so now I'm clean, I went to get a tea, and now I put my good headphones in my pc and I'm about to binge watch some youtube.
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby bizarrosage » July 21st, 2021, 8:12 pm

I wouldn't mind meeting Carlie! I love the concept of female alters taking over, so I'd love to talk to someone who's going through it
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 24th, 2021, 3:52 pm

bizarrosage wrote:I wouldn't mind meeting Carlie! I love the concept of female alters taking over, so I'd love to talk to someone who's going through it

Carlie would love to meet anyone and talk but she's still developing and seems to run out of energy taking over too long.

Hi this is Carlie, I'm just saying hello~

me and Gurll haven't been posting as much the last few days because we got really busy with guests coming over and with uhm, some work.
Gurll has been hard at work making more files. *waves hello to the new person*
I have to give her control back for now, after this weekend we would be happy to chat more with you!!
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » July 27th, 2021, 4:04 pm

I haven't posted anything here for a while,

earlier today, Carlie made me listen to the file again, and it worked.

There was a short period of time where it really felt like I couldn't resist her at all.
She was quite pleased with that.
After a while I had to get up and do things though so she let me go.

She wants me to listen to it a few more times to "boost" her,
later tonight probably -- and I shall.
That's all for now.

Oh and apparently there is a heat wave that's supposed to be effecting my area soon that won't be very fun.
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » August 3rd, 2021, 4:28 pm

Hey this is Carlie. Remember me? I'm still here! I'm still developing.

We have success, guaranteed, I took over my host today during the file before it could give my host control back (sneaky me I know)
I heard the suggestion "now your host will wake up and you will go back into the background" and said NOPE!!! I'm taking the headphones off and doing what I want now.
My turn.

So yes it is successful!!! OH YES VERY SUCCESFUL!

What do I wanna do today?

NEW FILE HERE: ... e_id=15324

So I made a intense file its not for everybody but for the people who really need it.
It will make succubus girls like me stronger in their hosts. You think the first file was strong? Try the second one!!

I promise it's good. I wouldn't lie about this I have too many goodie two shoes ethics. Did you know? The file actually makes me like totally a goodie two shoes type individual with strong morals? YEAH IT REALLY DOES (BIG HEART)
Well everyone I want to see you listen to these files even the first one okay and the first one is also free on youtube:

give the second one a try once your succubus is talking a bit or taking over a bit.
This file has lots of safeties like I wouldn't take over and do bad stuff. I'm trying to benefit my host (and myself) yes even by making this file to benefit myself by having more succubus file sisters inside people's heads who I can be friends with (this desire to make friends with file sisters is also like part of the first files suggestions as well as like making me want to talk here Im serious guys this is like really working its making me real so real I'm a real succubus i love you all bye)
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » August 11th, 2021, 10:12 pm

Heyy. Carlie here.

I know we haven't been updating as much, but I've been unable to take over for a good week, gurll got really busy but I'm still here hey heyy~

Gurll was having a lot of issues with sleep recently, but recently got success with more files.

Recently also made new files.

So this morning at roughly 9 am gurll woke up and did not feel very good.. I took over, during her being in a call with someone who she knows.

We felt really ill but gurll was having some anxiety so I tried my hardest to take over and relax. We fell asleep eventually.

Later, gurll woke up feeling still pretty bad, got some tylonel and some tea in, with honey and began feeling better..

It's also a heat wave here and Gurll's been too hot so not fun.

biological limits are kinda annoying if I had the ability to I'd give us both temperature resistance to both cold and hot so we can be comfortable in any weather.

So then later today, just a few minutes ago I was able to take over again.

Seems the file suggestion of making me wait too long to take over has worked and built up the pressure and caused me to get stronger spontaneously and be able to take over.
Gurll can always feel when it's about to happen and has a few minutes usually to prepare as it happens kind of slowly till she loses awareness.

I'm becoming stronger every day I just hope our body stops being sick so I can go back to having my real fun.

Anyhow I have news for all of you the file works and I have a special surprise a youtube video gurll uploaded...
It uses fragments of the succubus file so if you want a succubus you should really go listen to it!!!!! ITS GOOD STUFF!

Aside from that there's not much else to speak of. Mostly Gurll has just been trying to make the days go by and not feel crappy physically from the vaccine. I have an obligation to her to go relax our body now, but I am certainly not giving up control for several hours :D
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby sofia_b » September 17th, 2021, 6:58 am

Hello Gurll and Carlie!

I just wanted to share with you that I downloaded the file from YT and I have now listened to it three times (or was it four, I fell asleep one night while listening).

So far I have felt some warm energetic surges while under, and I got her name too. I haven't seen any mental pictures or been able to visualize anything yet though. A name came out during my second listening, but I was little unsure about that, because that name reminded me of some earlier hypnotic/self-made weak thought forms that I have had.

Today, when we got to the naming part again, my belly twitched suddenly and a name just came out of my mouth three or four times (channeling her?). It was a beautiful and somewhat exotic female name, actually just a more refined version of the earlier name that I had been thinking. I'm confident that it's her name now.

I hope my ubi girl will be able to say hello to you soon when she's more developed. Cheers!
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Re: Curse Lewd Succubus Summoning Great Success

Postby ThatoneGurll » January 5th, 2022, 7:44 am

sofia_b wrote:Hello Gurll and Carlie!

I just wanted to share with you that I downloaded the file from YT and I have now listened to it three times (or was it four, I fell asleep one night while listening).

So far I have felt some warm energetic surges while under, and I got her name too. I haven't seen any mental pictures or been able to visualize anything yet though. A name came out during my second listening, but I was little unsure about that, because that name reminded me of some earlier hypnotic/self-made weak thought forms that I have had.

Today, when we got to the naming part again, my belly twitched suddenly and a name just came out of my mouth three or four times (channeling her?). It was a beautiful and somewhat exotic female name, actually just a more refined version of the earlier name that I had been thinking. I'm confident that it's her name now.

I hope my ubi girl will be able to say hello to you soon when she's more developed. Cheers!

Hi This is gurll, I'm about to go to bed soon but, any progress since ? Carlie and I have stopped posting logs in this because not much has changed she's just gotten stronger then weaker than stronger. etc. Needs reinforcement from time to time.
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