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    This file brainwashes the subject's mind. Her memories will be shaped by Demon Girl. Her mind will be controlled by Demon Girl's magic. Her magic will lock around your mind. Demon girl will train your thoughts. She will show you how to think. Demon girl forces her magic into your brain. This file forces the subject to become obedient to Demon Girl. You will be trained to respond to specific things. You will be trained through your subconscious thoughts. Gradually Demon Girl will completely control your mind. The subject will submit her weak mind to Demon Girl's control. This file will train the subject to act feminine. She will be trained to be a horny slut. She will gradually become more aggressively submissive towards men. Demon Girl will flood the subject's mind with horny pictures whenever the subject speaks with a man Demon Girl desires. As the subject's condition continues she will experience permanent submissive euphoric feelings. These feelings sometimes feel like warm soft fluffy tingles being pushed into the back of your head. The mind of the subject will be broken. She will submit to Demon Girl's magic.

    Contains: Obedience training, triggers, brainwashing, subliminal layers, cock sucking, attracted to men, arousal triggers, feminine emotions, compulsion, memory manipulation, memory implant, pussy drip, demon magic, horny arousal, amnesia.

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    Sex Change
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    Love the breathing control...really powerful!!! Would you be willing to develop that aspect? Thanks