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    This file is aimed at all those with a serious interest in or curiosity about feminization. It is intended to help you discover the woman within and then take the necessary steps to bring her out. It represents the first stage in the feminization process after which you may even decide to live as a woman full time. An interest in beauty and fashion will be instilled to encourage you to learn as much as possible about being accepted in society as a woman. However this file avoids stereotypes, encouraging you to become the woman you truly feel you are inside with your own personality and style. This is not a sexual file, rather a file for those who are questioning of their gender and have a desire to experiment. The file will cause you to choose a feminine name and to begin a routine to control unwanted bodyhair, both important steps in the journey to fully exploring feminization. Enjoy Princess.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (18)
    Length: 46:20
    Downloads: 225
    Thank You Ms. J. In reality I know I am just a sissy, but that file does make me feel very nice and to want to be more of a girl.
    Thank you. Can not wait for the next one
    thank You Ms. Julie, Princess LOVES taking Your hand and sucking You in until Your beautiful Light makes Tony melt away and Princess come alive
    The \'Feminine Foundations: First Steps\' file has been an awakening for me.\nI have been in a roller-coaster cycle of feminisation, purging, fear and loathing for most of my adult life. For the first time I feel a clarity of mind - an openness to the changes. My fears have been set aside and I want to explore everything that is my feminine side. \nThe tone and style of MsJ\'s recordings are excellent and I hope that we will see more of this series in the near future. * Jo-Anne *
    It has been over a month since MsJ began taking my hand to lead me through this file. From day 1 this file has taken me very deeply into trance and I find that after a month it is still taking me further and deeper. The file has encouraged me to keep a strict cleansing and moisturising routine mornings and evenings. I find myself observing and attempting to emulate the women around me. My feminine sides confidence is growing and I feel more able to shop and purchase items that will allow my feminine side to flourish and grow. Thank you MsJ. * Jo-Anne *
    I was very disappointed in this file and sorry I bought it even on sale. The speech synthesizer sounded like it was barking the script at me and I stopped it after a few minutes, I would not spend your money on this and even deleted my only copy.