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    This file will make you dumb. You will lose all male interests and be transformed in a dumb but happy, feminized bimbo whose only thoughts are finding a guy who'll let you suck his cock. It will just about leave you enough intelligence to be able to carry on in any employment you may have, except when you are triggered of course, but your IQ will be significantly lowered and you will have cock on the brain all the time. As always this file is permanent and non-reversible. This file makes no reference to impotence but will be more effective if used with the other files in the series.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (31)
    Length: 52:53
    Downloads: 618
    oh my gawd... this was like, sooooo fabulous you know? like... the pink bubble an stuff was like, sooooo pretty and when it went like pop... it felt like SOOOOOOO totally amazing and my head was like sooo empty and junk
    Is this the TTS voice?
    Yes, it is a female TTS voice. Sounds good.
    This is now my favourite file ever, hands down. Thank you! MsJ, is there any chance we could get the whisper/subliminal track (the stuff in the background) released separately? I would like something to loop at night to reinforce, but the narrative structure of this file doesn\'t lend itself to looping. <3
    This is amazing, a work of art. Please make more!
    i feel so sillly and stupid and giggly. \n
    Amazing! perhaps for the next recording you\'d consider doing \"miss squidgy: blow up doll\" as well where the bubble fills the entire body and becomes more balloon like, and then turns the princess into an inflatable love doll!
    Oh MsJ, I love Your files and always wanting to be a bimbo so I really hope this file works. :)
    Princess just bought this file, Princess has resisted you most of this year but she NEEDS this file now, she\'s not sure why, but thank you MsJ, i have a subviewer Bimbo set of images to watch with it, Princess says NOW
    like i am sooo under, Ms Julie, all i need rite now is like 4 u 2 do junk to my mind and stuff, i\'ll open it as wide as i can, i am so pink and silly inside *giggle* i am like SO empty right now, put anything in me you want, espeshelly your pink smoke, just put it in deeeeep *giggle*
    Wooh, just finished listening to this the first time, this was worth the price, I\'m thinking less, but not pink, but I wonder, can my mind withstand doing it more times? O how smiling made me deeper though.
    This sounds perfect for me, but it can\'t be permanent. Would you make one that I can trigger myself for a certain amount of time or that I can untrigger? I want to do this SO bad!...please please...
    This is a great file with results, but one can racket the effects back by not listening to it all the time..if you can...giglle
    this file is like soooooooo good~ my mind is like empty and stuff~ its 2 much work 2 tihnk n stuff just need big cocks 2 suck~ *giggle* i am sooo silly rite now hope i get dummer *giggle*