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    This file will increase your femininity and help you develop a girly girl attitude with your little head full of fashion, make up and beauty. More importantly this file is designed to completely remove any trace of sexual attraction you have ever felt towards women. Girly girls don't like other girls in a sexual way and neither will you. This file is intense and not for the faint-hearted. It does contain some references to becoming attracted to guys, but the main purpose of the file is to permanently remove any attraction to other women. Understand if you listen to this file that it is unlikely that you will ever be capable of making love to a woman again.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (20)
    Length: 50:09
    Downloads: 2917
    I enjoyed this file way to much. I know I end up listen to it again and again. You are very addictive MsJ and and I love your work. But, I know I am choosing to listen to the file. I am choosing accept I love cocks and Virginias are gross.
    Is this file standalone or do I need to listen the The Prettiest Princess first?
    It is not essential princess, but highly recommended
    25.99 Dollars please upload a sample for we can decide.
    MsJ can you please incorporate balloons into your scripts? i have purchased pretty much all of your videos...and am enjoying it very much...you gave a reference to a bubble popping in the bimbo transformation...a similar thing with a balloon to seal me as a complete sissy would be really sexy!
    Can\'t wait, well I guess that I will have to, but hopefully awaiting your next installment.
    Ms J has Videos?
    sorry! i meant audios!
    Respect to Ms Julie. The file is insidious in that you will be affected quite a bit even before you actually realize it. I actually feel tingles all over my body now whenever I hear \"Princess\". I listened a first few times, out of curiosity more than anything else, and followed the instructions in the file. I realized its effects after finding out that porn videos without any men just isn\'t seeming arousing to me anymore. The file starts a sinister cycle, whereby you look/focus on men to masturbate, and this act itself makes you more attracted to men and women less significant, which again induces you to look at men the next time you jerk off. Thank you for this mind-bending masterpiece MsJ.