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    Gender expression is an unconscious thing. The habits that express our gender are just that -- habits: Things we do on autopilot without even thinking about them. And with the techniques in this file your subconscious mind will learn how to take total control of your habits: the way you stand, the way you walk, the way you hold your body and talk, etc. to change the expression of your gender to be like what you find admirable about the manly men around you and in the media without your conscious awareness.
    This is file 5 in the Masculine Conditioning series. This is an INTERMEDIATE file that assumes you have done at least one file in the series before. For best results use after MC-3, but can work with any of the first three files. This file is a prerequisite for MC-7 and later.  Body version has MC-1 / Failing to Resist brief induction.

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