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    This file contains a short story, which the subject listens to after being placed in a deep trance. At various points in the story the subject finds themselves compelled to act out the part of the main character, even though this involves a considerable degree of humiliation. Before listening, subjects should ensure that they have at least an hour of privacy, and have a pair of panties with them. Warning - there is a particularly humiliating instruction in the story, which has the potential to act as a curse, and I have no plans to provide a way to remove it.

    Cross Dressing
    Rating: ★★★★☆ (3)
    Length: 35:09
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    very nice concept, though you should assume the listener is using headphones, which makes stuff like this very hard; but I managed to go though and follow most of it.
    Interesting idea and good story. I used Bluetooth headphones so had no problems. Didn't feel like curse part had worked until next time I tried to masturbate!
    amazing file~. no problems with stripping due to blue tooth headphones, il be honest when I saw curse I was a little worried but it seems my subconscious decided that it will pick and chose the parts of the curse~, as you can guess the first part it said it was only going to be for a day....and then the second command well....seems to still work on me ^^; any who great file keep up the fantastic work :3
    Awesome file would love to listen to more in this series.