• Sissy Slave Lullaby Part 3 with Mistress Clarissa — $20    
    Are you ready to become the girliest of girls?  To become girlier than any girl?  To become a compliant and perfectly submissive sissy?  This file builds on the previous two recordings in this series to help you develop a naturally passive and obedient personality but it also has a much stronger element of feminization.  Listen on loop whilst you sleep at night and you will be sissified, lose all male interests and just love learning about fashion, cosmetics and all those lovely girly things you have dreamed about for so long.  You will long to be as feminine as possible in every area of your life and it will be such a lovely feeling that you might even take things so far and emerge almost as a pastiche of what  it means to be a girl.  You  will be a hyper-feminised sissy, always sinking deeper under my spell in this powerful recording written and produced by me and voiced by enchanting London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.  This file will be most effective if used in conjunction with the previous Sissy Slave Lulaby files however it will work as a stand alone file.  So just lie down sweetie, close your eys and let our words turn you into the girliest girl it is possible to be.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 27:53
    Downloads: 192
    Thank you MsJ.