• Pussy Free Sissy starring Mistress Clarissa — $25   , ,  
    By special request here is a version of my Pussy Free Sissy file voiced by Mistress Clarissa for all those addicted to her enchanting hypnosis.  The script has been modified slightly but remains largely the same as the original.

    Are you brave enough to take this important step sissy? This file will ensure that you never touch a women's pussy again. This file will ensure that you never even see a women's pussy again. This file will ensure that any future prospects of sexual activity with women are destroyed completely. In time you will lose any feelings of sexual attraction towards women and they will not have any feelings of sexual attraction towards you. You will however find that your obsession with men's cocks becomes over-whelming. A classic MsJ file, understand that if you listen to this file you will never make love to a woman again for the rest of your life. You have been warned, are you ready to become a pussy free sissy?

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 42:31
    Downloads: 202
    This is an intense and powerful hypnotic file. Mostly curious, because of the limited description, I find myself intensely obsessed with all things feminine. There is so much beauty that I took for granted. I'm beyond obsessed, I'm also very envious. And my tastes definitely feel as if they have changed. I so admire Mistress Clarissa's soft, feminine voice. Thanks for augmenting my appreciation for the beauty around me.
    Please, If I already have the original one, I need to buy also this file? Thank you
    The script is nearly identical sweetie so it is up to you.