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    More training in useful hypnotic skills: this recording is about letting your subconscious mind choose to imagine whatever scene or setting is most helpful for you to imagine while in trance, even if that isn't necessarily exactly what the hypnotist is telling you.

    For practice, though, the file itself has three tracks that describe rather different things (also, one is very permissive, one is very directive/authoritarian, and one is in between), and you can latch on to whichever one works best for you or switch between them as you like.  Although the skill practiced here is meant to apply to all sorts of things in trance, I'm leaning a bit on the sort of free-form dreaming that some earlier files have delved into, and like those, this recording has no explicit wake-up at the end; the voice tracks just gradually trail off, leaving several minutes of just the background sound (a low binaural tone).

    I'd be very interested to hear about your experiences with this recording!

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