• Dare To Listen - Introduction    
    This file does not do any trance work or hypnosis. It is simply a file to explains the concept of the Dare To Listen series so you can judge whether you like the idea or not.

    The idea is to have you gradually transition from doing what I say because you choose to do so, into doing what I say because you cannot do anything else.

    So the initial files will start out simple, and then move into more and more elaborate requests. It is important to only move from one step to the next when you feel comfortable to do so and are OK with it.

    It is advisable to listen to the Deep Trance files first to increase the speed of learning . Also, the files Accepting Your Desires, Changes and Yourself and Suggestibility will help you to improve the effect. Below you will find the links to those free files.

    You can always contact me by sending a message here or to kaos.ocntrl@gmail.com.

    Deep Trance (extended version)
    Deep Trance (no intro)
    Deep Trance (Trigger Deepening)
    Accepting your desires, changes and your self
    suggestibility induction

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