• I Command You    
    This hypnosis file is like my email slave file but a bit more limited.  Upon listening to this file the listener is allowed to set their on limits as to what they will and won't obey.  Then they will reach out to whomever they want to command them and let them know that they can be controlled with the phrase "I command you to" and whatever action the person in control desires.  As long as the command isn't outside their limits the command must then instantly be obeyed.  If the command is outside their limits they will respond with "I cannot obey that command"  and if someone who has command keeps pushing limits the listner may respond with "I no longer accept your commands" in which case they will no longer be under the influence of that person.  Commands work over any type of communication and can last as long as desired by the person giving them so long as the recipient doesn't consider that a limit.  The listener is free to communicate their limits to anyone they give permission to command them.

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    Length: 22:29
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    Trigger(by anyone)
    I have listened to many of your files but this one really seemed to take me deep. I'm guessing that I really liked the ability to set some very wide limits and it let me truly get into the file without any lingering doubts. Thanks