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    Become the biggest bull in the gym with Bull Power! Comissioned by a client who wanted a file to make him grow "too big" this file stops you from masturbating and redirects your sexual energy into compulsive weightlifting instead so as to increase your fitness for breeding.  Also contains testosterone raising and cock and ball growth suggestions.  In testing  all 5 test subjects experienced an increase in both gym motivation and attendance, as well as in strength and weight lifted.  It will work alone or with other files and has been tested in combination witn Jockstrap Penis Growth and the Masculine Conditioning series with good results.  
    NOTE: This is a multiple file system, download all the files.  MP3 link is main audio file, Binaural link is a two channel confusion brainwash in the style of MCX-01, Subliminal is the main file suggestiopns and confusion brainwash suggestions together under water.  Video is a spiral, script contains links to additional alternate versions.  Main file and brainwash file should work for men of all sexual orientations, default spiral here is bisexual.  Gay and straight versions of the spiral available at the link in the script.  Spiral is intended for preworkout single loop or looping and staring while listening to the brainwashing loop.
    WARNINGS: this is an extreme bodybuilding file designed to make you get impractically massive, if you want something gentler use Weightlifting and Stretching compulsion instead.  The induction on this file is very powerful and 80% of test subjects blacked out at least part of the time.

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    As one of the test subjects, I must say this is the absolute best file ever created. It has truly changed my life. I have never tranced so deep and I'm going to be the biggest and strongest bull and its so exciting to know this
    Agreed! This file is the real deal. Since listening, I am totally unable to jack off and have channeled all that energy into some excellent workouts. Never miss a day! Time to get jacked!
    I've only had it a short time and I already feel a difference. A lot of bang for the buck! I did notice that the link in the script appears to be broken. Is there any status on repair?
    OK, link in the script has been fixed... I accidentally wrote the wrong directory name. Link provides additional versions like music free binaural as well as gay and straight alternate versions of the spiral.
    J.D., you are awesome. And so is Bull Power -- I've been doing sleep induction with the binaural every night since I got it, and I will attest that it DOES INDEED change things in you! I'm more obsessed with bodybuilding than I've ever been, I'm rewriting my entire workout routine, and have no interest in JO at all, just hitting weights harder! Believe me, I could go on and on! Even my non-workout life has been affected for the better -- I'm more energized, more motivated, more task oriented, more productive, and more organized. When I can slow down in the next few months, I'm strongly considering having you do a custom file just for me! Disclaimer: highly addictive!!
    Correction: I've been doing sleep induction with the Confusion Brainwash file, not the Binaural file.
    For more information, sample spiral, and subject reports see: http://vastcountry.blogspot.com/2019/04/bull-power.html
    does this work for subjects who do a lot of home bodyweight work, or is it tied specifically to the gym?
    It's framed for gymgoers, but I have had several subjects have success with home routines. The usual result is that they slowly get brainwashed enough to get a gym membership.