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    You have always idolized the flamboyant twink. You wish you could be him while he rubs his ass against big sexy strangers and begs them to fuck his horny boipussy. You know that a good twink would never even think about working out his tiny muscles or playing with his tiny, inadequate, cock without permission. His cute little boiclit is obviously for his big strong lover to use whenever they want, while his tiny muscles are there to show everyone how easy it is to pin him down and fuck his cute pink sissy hole.
    For the twink, it's not just about being always horny. It's also about the overwhelming need to fill his fuck toy mouth and ass with the biggest cocks and dildos he can find. He's constantly nervous that his tight butt won't be loose enough for his sexy lovers to fuck, so he's always trying to stretch his cute little hole out as much as possible. If you look at him close enough you know you'll be able to see the outline of a pink buttplug in his trendy short shorts as he tries to achieve his goal!
    The adorable twink knows that he's constantly bending over in his tight pants and low cut tops for stranger's attention. He loves the stares and cat calls he gets when he dances in his cute new outfit for sexy strangers at his favorite club. He adores the looks he gets dressing like a flamboyant little bottom more that anything in the world, and is constantly looking to other sissies and twinks on how to behave.
    It's obvious to anyone that sees this type of twink that he loves to dress in his pretty underwear and tight revealing clothing. You can tell just by looking at him that he loves to look adorable everyday! Any good bottom slut knows that looking cute increases the chances of being held down and fucked by big strong lovers. Listen to this recording and learn this and all the other behaviors the flamboyant twink already knows intuitively!

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