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    If you’re looking for a slave girl training file either to listen to independently because you dream of being a good girl for a beautiful alpha lady or to compliment training with your Mistress this is the file for you. It is suitable for those who already have a Mistress and those that do not. Mistress Clarissas’ file will reinforce any actual slave training you are undergoing. She uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to gently take you down into trance and hypnotic subspace to reinforce your submission, desire to serve and your ever deepening desire to be totally obedient. As Mistress Clarissa talks to your subconscious you will travel further and further along the path to internalising your slavery so that it’s simply how you are, how you think and act everyday without any doubt, questioning or hesitation. You will do exactly as you’ve been told to. We both know you’re so much happier when you’re a good girl.

    Themes: sissy, slave-training, femdom, subspace, internalised slavery.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 35:09
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