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    This file is part of the Your Personal Way To Become a Slave serie.
    One of the things that will limit you in becoming a slave is your EGO. It will basically work against you because it will drive you to behaviour that creates a positive preception of you by others.

    So, in order to be a slave, your EGO should be out of the way, so that what others perceive you like does no longer matter. Once you are a slave, what others think about you is no longer relevant. The only thing that matters is that your master perceives you as a slave. And you perceive yourself as a slave.

    This recording will help you take the necessary steps to alter your EGO in a way that you do less and less care about what others perceive you to be, allowing you to be a slave.

    This recording can be listend to again an again because the experience willl be different every time you listen due to the changes that are happening.

    As mentioned in the Introducion to the the Your Personal Way To Become a Slave serie, you can improve the effect by first getting familiar with some of my free files. The links are shown below.
    Enjoy your changes and keep me posted.
    You can always contact me by sending a message here or to kaos.ocntrl@gmail.com.

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