• Becoming a Baby Forever 2: Forever Wet — $15    
    Hello, and welcome to part 2 of the Becoming a Baby Forever series. The series can be done in any order, and you do not need the whole set for any of the elements to function. You can choose which baby needs that you develop. 

    In this file, you will be permanently conditioned to wear and wet your diapers. Hardcore positive reinforcement and behavioral modification towards wearing diapers forever, and strict negative reinforcement leading to a fear and rejection of being dressed in big kid underwear.

    This is a serious file that causes a forceful, psychological need to be diapered, all the time. Powerful pleasure conditioning that makes you need to be diapered at all times, and strong, negative feelings of fear, shame, and worry naturally become implanted, triggered only if you are a bad baby and don't stay diapered.

    Wetting will only be possible in your diaper, and it will rapidly become automated, out of your control.

    To be very clear, agree that you accept all of the following before listening:

    - Permanent need for diapers
    - Throwing away all underwear
    - Feeling extreme negative feelings and emotions if you are not safely diapered
    - Acceptance that you won't make it to the potty for wetting any more.
    If this is what you want, then be a good little baby and lose yourself to becoming a baby forever. :)

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    Rating: ★★★★★ (7)
    Length: 23:08
    Downloads: 721
    Do you do custom files for payment?
    As long as I feel that an idea makes for a good, effective file, sure! sweetdreamshypno@gmail.com if you'd like to talk about it!
    9/10 it was very good, but description of strong negative feelings of fear shame and worry about underwear and not diapered isn't as heavy as the description leads you to believe. none the less, still a great file.
    Thank you for your review! I understand that there's less overt negative reinforcement than you might estimate, although giving the file more time, and knowing the feelings will occur for bad little babies who end up in wet clothes or a cold bed, might be worth factoring in to your judgement of how and when the feelings manifest. I'm sure you're a good little baby though, so you don't have to worry about that. :)
    I ready like this the only one problem you need one for all so for baby to go poopie in you diaper also because baby poop there diaper also
    Little Jerry, that's coming in a future episode of the series, don't worry. I want all babies to be able to gain their dream results without the bits they might not want. I'm glad you really like this instalment of your baby training!
    Thank you
    good little babies do not use the potty to wet and they do not wear big kid underwear...
    That is correct, Bri! Good little babies wear baby diapers because baby diapers are made for babies, and bad little babies will listen again and again until they become good little babies. I am very pleased with all of my happy little ones, thank you for your emails and photos, thank you for committing to diapers for me. It's so fun thinking about all my babies living their lives in cute wet diapers, all over the world. <3
    Starting to hold but not sure I want this...
    If you started using the file and have changed your mind about the effects, stop listening if you can. Do not listen again unless you are sure you want the effects. I do not want my subjects to resent the effects of my files, and I include safeties and warnings for good reason.
    Awesome file.
    This file really works make me want to be a good baby and wear my diaper.
    sweetdreamshypno aka mommy i listen and had a accident in my underwear uhoh do i have to listen again
    Do I have to show you? @sweetdreamshypno