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    Full title: Higher Gay Self: Permanent impotence and dicklette and ball shrinkage.

    This file is almost identical to the Higher Sissy Self: Permanent impotence and clitty and ball shrinkage. I have changed the script to fit people who identify or want to identify as gay faggot sluts instead of sissies.

    Hello my cute, little, slutty, gay princess. The title of this file is self explanatory. In this experience you are going to meet your Higher Gay Self, who, lovingly and gently is going to deactivate your erection mechanism once and for all, so that you enjoy your gay life to the fullest. And while he is working on that, why not reprogram your little balls to stop producing male sperm? And then you may find that gradually your little dicklette, along with your little balls, are going to shrink, and shrink, and shrink..

    The changes that your higher gay self is going to be making in you are going to be physical, and also emotional and mental. Be prepared to rewrite some, and as time passes by, all, your past memories where you thought you were having sex with a woman, into memories of being totally unable to penetrate her with your cute, limp dicklette. Be prepared to remember memories of the past where you were strongly attracted to guys and craving to be bent over by them and penetrated. And all these correct memories are going to become the blueprint of your future experiences, as you allow your higher gay self to reprogram your unconscious mind, so that you become the impotent, limp, gay bitch who get laughed at by women and fucked by real men.

    Note: I have put this file in the curse category, not because it is a curse. On the contrary, it aims to lead you into a profound spiritual experience, through and after which you will be totally and utterly transformed. More correctly, it aims to help you lift the social conditioning and unveil your deep, true, gay self. The one you were always meant to be but for several reasons you might have been afraid to realize. So, the results of this file are probably even stronger than a curse, and this is why I marked the file this way.

    Thank you for listening,



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