• Demon 4: Eat Shit for Satan — $10    
    This file uses your demon to consume all your conflicts about eating shit, wallowing in filth, and enjoying other taboo games. 

    WARNING: This is an extreme satanic scat file and WILL result in conversion to Satanisim and the consumption of human waste.  This file REQUIRES an active demon to work as designed and should follow Demon 2: Low Life in the series.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (4)
    Length: 20:28
    Downloads: 964
    with only 3 listen,I detect the similar things in files like CFG that get my head spinning and my conscious failing to resist - great job! a must listen file to anybody that takes hypnosis seriously....
    I tell my slaves that a slave who can't/won't eat shit is not really a slave. Getting there is a journey. This file could help some get there. Back in the day my mentor told me that the preferred behavior in the corporate world is for plebs to "eat shit and say thank you". Gotta say seeing faggots do this is a big turn on.
    More please
    this made me want to eat shit and expose myself as a depraved shit whore to anyone he asks me too. i need more depravity Sir
    Listened to this three times and I basically can't get enough of my own shit. Keep hearing "Eat Shit for Satan" and it just works for me. Sadly I've not managed to find anyone to feed me yet, which will be the big test. I'd be happy to be the guinea pig for any of your extreme files JackDrago.
    I am very drawn to this dark side and I am a woman. I wish there were dark files that were female oriented. I have listened to your files on soundcloud and enjoyed your voice even though these were obvious male files.
    I will be buying this on my very next payday!! I hope it's the answer to making me into the hungry shiteater I should have always been! This is a life long dream and it is past time I begin eating most meals directly from a feeder's hole:)
    I just bought it and waiting for it to become available to me Sir. I hope I start craving to eat shit pretty quick