• Incredible Anal Orgasms — $10    

    Learn how to cum from getting fucked in the ass quickly, reliably, and with some practice mind blowingly well each and every time. Caution, may cause orgasms while listening in some subjects.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (10)
    Length: 27:49
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    This is AMAZING. It's as though the author knew exactly what I needed to be able to listen to. I'm looping it while I sleep, and I know that this file, in conjunction with my chastity cage, will have me properly focusing only on my hole in no time. Thank you! Please keep up the good work and keep on making new files.
    Is this explicitly for men or could a cis woman get the same results?
    Three anal orgasms in a row after I listened to this file once. Best training file ever for anal orgasms.
    I am loving this file, been using it on and off the past few months. The induction is great and the content even better. I've listened to it many times now and every time I have an anal orgasm while under. It has also greatly improved my ability to cum with anal/nipple play without touching my penis. I love it and I will continue to listen. The only downside for me is that the file is so intense that I can't listen to it as often as I'd like to.
    Love it! During the very first time I had an orgasm without touching my cock, just from playing with my hole using my fingers. His voice is such a turn on, too. So glad I got this!
    Wow!!! This file took me by surprise and when I went under it was as if my ass was on fire with orgasm after orgasm! This and Failing to Resist: Deluxe Trance Trainer" are fantastic. Thank you Sir for this gift!
    This file is the absolutely best way to guide yourself into a new realm of being orgasmic using your powerful anus. I spent extended time periods in a high of orgasmic feelings, so powerful that its THE way i want to orgasm going forward. Its a step by step guide to help you through the process.
    Real nice guided imagery, and I am glad that fisting is only mentioned briefly and as asides. Those mentions kind of take me out of it, but the rest is still real cool to listen to.
    I came to ask what subsideus asked - can a cos woman listen to this?