• Hypnotic Mist 3 - Complete Baby Forever — $30    

    Welcome back to the mist, my good submissive baby. This file is a real treat for good babies like you. You will have your baby behaviours confirmed and reinforced deeper than ever before, taking what you've learned in the previous files to be Mommy's good submissive baby, you will become even more helpless to resist your baby brain's needs, and there will be changes to not only your mind, but your little baby body too.

    You'll learn new behaviours that will help you become even more the sweet baby I know you need to become. As you know by now, the changes are permanent, and happily accepted by good submissive babies like you.

    No more big kid pants for you now, forever. You will sleep as a baby from now on, happily dreaming of the baby you have become.
    Your baby brain will take on even more control over your behaviors and beliefs, as Mommy will control your baby brain more with every listen, and turns you into a much better baby, forever.

    Little baby boys and sissy baby girls will love it as their little baby weewees shrink every day, safely shrinking to baby size in their diapers, and keep getting smaller and smaller until it is perfect for the baby you are. Won't that be nice? A tiny little wee wee in your thick soft diapers, the perfect change for you to make now.

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    Length: 40:11
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    Hi Mommy--I listened to your new file for the first time and really really liked it. I so want my diaper area to be small and babyish and I think listening to your new file everyday will get me there. Thank you.
    I'm really curious. Being your baby with a baby weewee sounds so perfect for me.
    I've listened to all of these files from Mommy. I love being a submissive little baby for Mommy and this file makes me so happy. I just love how Mommy tells me to hug my stuffie, use my paci, and wear my onesie with a thick diaper on when I go to bed at night. I don't ever want to use big kid underwear again and feel more and more like a little baby.
    I'm am now very happy and content and accepting of my new training file more now than ever before with the other files. I find that with this third file, I'm accepting and submitting to it much more willingly and readily than the previous files. My greatly reduced resistance to my ongoing training and transformation is actually speeding up my transformation and increasing my acceptance of it at the same time too. My remaining bladder control really is literally slipping away more and more as time goes on and it feels so good just letting it happen. I'm now finding that the more I allow myself to submit to and obey my ongoing training, I crave for and now receive the addictive intense pleasure of all that comes with my obedience to Mommy and my diapers and my other baby needs and actions. After the first time I listened to this file, I ordered the 20 inch Pokemon Charmander from ebay. I want Charmander to be my new best baby comfort and cuddle friend and I can hardly wait to start sharing my baby secrets and desires with him too. The only thing that I'm still hesitating on is finally cutting up and throwing away all of my underwear in case I need to wear them for any reason. I still wear them for convenience sake a lot of the time too. Just the same however, I still do have a continual urge to finally do that with my underwear and stay in my diapers permanently because of my ever diminishing bladder and bowel control. Thank you Mommy and Mindmaster once again for this next step in my ongoing diaper and baby training. I was surprised at how quickly I started taking right to it and how much I am finding myself now craving and needing it. Thank you for this treat.
    Been waiting so long for this file. Thank you Mommy!! :)
    @RalphInDiapers: Same for me. I have not throw away all my underware, too. But I think one day Mommy will have convinced me and then it's the right time to do that. I will know the day when it's right ;)
    @mika: I think you're right. I find that these days especially, I am more and more finding myself now really wanting to cut up my first pair of underware. I'm also now finding over the past couple of months that my baby training sessions are becoming more and more important to me too and I'm thinking about them more and more and doing them more regularly too. I can hardly wait until Mommy's website is finally up. I know it will be very fun for me. In the mean time, I have to get myself another comfort toy at the end of this month because I gave away my other one as soon as it arrived.
    fank you mommy. love sweepy time now with constant baby dreams filled with playtime, kiki and I go everywhere together now. so happy and pweasurable to be little.
    Snip snip goes my last pair of yucky underwear and it felt so good. I started cutting them up smaller and smaller.
    Me now mommys baby foweva! me so happY me no longer need big girl undies and close!