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    Do you ever wish you could become more kinky? Ever wonder what it would be like to be more pleasing and sensitive to your lover’s every need? Do you ever find it hard to accept your boring dominant life and wish that you could just let it all go and be free and happy each and every day?

    Discover your deep need to submit and serve as I take you through a journey in your mind towards your ultimate truth. Through a simple survey, you can find your thoughts traveling to an erotic BDSM club where your dominant Mistress tells you of your submissive life and deep need to be an obedient slave in service to your own pleasure. Become excited as you are used sexually and learn about all of the delicious new habits and behaviors that are quickly becoming a part of your perfect life. With daily listening, you too can train yourself to crave the intimate eroticism of bondage while letting your adorable, submissive side shine through.

    Question 1: What kind of person are you? Find that you are becoming more willing to please with every breath that you take. Discover a deep need to be loyal and obedient to the people around you.

    BDSM Club: Arrive at the BDSM club, see submissives moaning in pleasure outside it’s doors and become aroused at the prospect of being tied up and used just like they are. Follow a tall, seductive mistress inside where she proceeds to tell you about your new life.

    Question 2: What do you desire in life? Learn to obey every command that you are given. Discover the deep satisfaction and pleasure that you gain for yourself whenever you give pleasure to others.

    Chained: Recall your love for being chained and tied to the bed in service to your dominant Mistress. Learn that wearing clothing makes you feel uncomfortable, and prevents your dominant lover from using you sexually in all of the ways that they desire.

    Question 3: How do you present yourself to the world? Wearing tight, seductive clothing to advertise yourself as the slutty, submissive bottom that you love being. Obey others sexually and bend over naturally whenever you are given the chance.

    Plugged & Gagged: Recall your oral fixation and your love for seducing the dominant strangers that you need to use and control you by putting things seductively into your mouth. Know that you feel empty without a plug filling your adorable ass.

    Question 4: What changes do you need in your life? Learn the joys of wearing fetish clothing to attract dominant lovers into treating you like the submissive little plaything you’ve always been. Find that you are becoming fascinated with getting your master’s name tattooed on your body so that you can advertise yourself as the sexual slave you love to be known for.

    Restrained & Spanked: Feel the joys of service as you are aroused and spanked by your controlling Mistress. Find pleasure within yourself whenever others manipulate you for their own personal sexual satisfaction.

    Question 5: What do you hope for your future? Know that you need to change your lifestyle to one of a slave in order to be truly happy in your life. Look for ways to please your master or mistress each and every day and become happier than anything else in the world whenever they are satisfied with you.

    Future Bondage Slut: Discover that your mind is being filled with fantasies of bondage and service to the dominant strangers that you love to obey. Know that you need to come back to this moment again and again in your mind to get the submissive pleasure that you crave and desire.

    Find pleasure in your service to others as you quickly become a perfect slave to submission.


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