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    This recording was scripted by SlutinmyHead and recorded by Angel. The title of this recording derives from a D/s term where the submissive dominates the dominant. Be lured in with the popular cult recruitment tactic known as love bombing, wherein a recruit is showered with attention, compliments and unconditional positive regard. Be sweet talked right into offering up your ass, indoctrinated into loving anal. You will be eased into it the gentlest way possible, with love, tenderness and affection. Soon, craving fingers, cock or toys becomes reflexive. This recording helps you to appreciate how truly wonderful it feels offering your ass up to a top with only your best interests at heart. Please vote and leave comments; that's 90% of why we post recordings. More available at www.slutinmyhead.com.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 33:26
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