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    Updated on 01/10/22 to inculde the body, binaural, script and to remove the disclaimer. 

    Hyperspermia is a condition where you produce so much cum that your body is literally incapable of holding it all in. Imagine being a literal cum fountain. Your balls feel heavy, you’re constantly leaking precum, and you always feel this aching need for release. When you finally cum, you cum like a fire hydrant. It’s a lot of fun, but this condition IS messy. This is a good file to pair with my Edging file, which you can find on my Patreon

    I made several versions of this file before coming to this one. This one is DEFINITELY the most effective version so far. I think my loads probably doubled in size? They’re much wetter and I can shoot further, even though I didn’t make any specific “shoot further” suggestions. My balls do feel heavier, but they haven't grown much...yet? After a couple sessions, the results stayed with me for about 4 days. 

    What else… uhh, leaking? If you don’t wear underwear, you should probably start. I started leaking so much precum it honestly looks like I piss myself... 

    But do I have hyperspermia? Eh… I don't know. My loads are much bigger and it sure feels like I do, but I'm too nervous to measure my own load. XD

    Orgasm Control
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    hypnotic clovid ...interesting
    I really love this file... It's basically the scientific approach to "curse ccp" from EMG, definitely love the good quality and the very chill approach the author takes... If there were some binaurals in the background it would have been the perfect file among them all
    Very chill approach indeed and good warnings in the beginning, creating a trusting experience. I've yet to go through with this file along with any other CCP files. I am intrigued but still at the point of greater resist. At times it makes me wonder if I should read up on some scripts and create a CCP blessing with very "vanilla" ideas. :D But anyhow, a good file by hypnobones for the partial amount of that I listened to it.
    Amazing. I can't stop precumming... keep hydrated. More like this please. I want to cum even more to your voice.
    This is crazy, I am literally pissing precum, my balls ache sooo good
    I think it worked for me, when I wank I do cum more than before, even after multiple wanks, thanks
    been listening to this plus the subliminal remix version by nightprowler, i have to say this is def working, takes a while took a few day. At first random moments of precum forming at the very tip not much just a bit. Very rarely feeling a dull ache in my balls, Day 2 much of the same except the precum had been little more frequent and when aroused it did indeed flow out quicker. Day 3 aching happening more, 2 times through the day i leaked more than usual actually leaving spots in my underwear. Day 4 my balls have almost been constantly aching, When aroused precum would start to flow few mins in constantly, still not enough to wet my underwear but enough to leave some patches left, when not aroused i was still finding bit of precum forming at the end and leaving the tip of my penis moist almost at all times.
    Today after listening, I could not even get up out of my chair, within a couple of minutes I came all over myself hands free. It felt like I was having a seizure
    i stopped for awhile but recently came back to listening specifically to this version for about almost 2 weeks now, So while i still don't really notice any leakage going on when i use the bathroom i have noticed the excess cum and sometimes it is lots and sometimes its only a bit but it's usually always there after peeing. So it's doing something to me just it seems that it works slowly for me in particular anyways.
    I have the same experience as you coomer! But I've only listened to it for about a week until it happened. I'm currently still listening and seeing if I can replicate it again. But as you said, it's working very slowly.
    are you guys listening just once per day? is there a better time to listen it? thanks!
    I listen to it every day a bit before bed, and as background music if I'm on the computer or doing something that's not distracting me. I also recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day and before listening too.
    This file has change my jerking off habit and I accept everything that this file has to offer thank hypnobones for creating this file It is fuckiing incredible
    This file has change my jerking off habit and I accept everything that this file has to offer thank hypnobones for creating this file It is fuckiing incredible
    This works a little too well, only used it for a few days, but had a very noticeable uptick in precum and cum volume. Have a small but nigh constant amount when horny and cum volume doubled, just sad about other effects. I actually like the taste of my own cum and this basically ruins it, makes it too watery and both cum and precum lose 90% of their stickyness. Keep these things in mind and stay hydrated if you decide to use it, makes masturbating real easy as you always have lube.
    Already love this file, have only used it for a day. Results? Too early to tel, but the file itself is great to listen to and I can certainly feel some reaction down there.
    I feel hyperspermia last night
    This is some power stuff. I signed up just so I can listen to this, and my first cumshot shoot all the way to my forehead and hair, which never happens in my life. Thanks for the hypno.
    Listened to this 1-2 times and already felt my balls aching greatly. After few nights of not listening to it I still felt the effects of the file. During the night I woke up in the middle of the night aroused and found it very difficult to sleep. My cock was dripping precum a lot, so thinking that it would help, I decided to jerk off in my bed (was very easy considering my precum lubed my penis) and ended up cumming a pool in my own bed. That seemed to help greatly and I fell asleep right after. The same thing happened the last night. This file really does work wonders.. and on his patreon he has a V3 of it. I was pleasantly surprised by this as I thought it would have to take much longer for me to respond to it. I dropped this file for now so I could focus on other files, mainly ones relating to muscle growth. I will listen to this again once I get done with the muscle files as it was surprisingly powerful.
    Can't Wait
    MP3, Body, Binaural, Script... Ngl I am new to all this, so what's all these downloads? What's the difference between them?