• ChampTehOtter - Incontinent Pants Pooper    

    *Warning* This file will turn you into an incontinent pants pooper. Don't listen to this file unless you are prepared to poop your pants whenever and wherever you need to. Don't say I didn't warn you! *Warning*

    I recommend the subliminal track (body with binaural) if you wish to loop for overnight use.

    I hope you enjoy this file and please send a comment my way to let me know your experience.

    If you enjoy this file, feel free to check out my https://subscribestar.adult/champtehotter

    Rating: ★★★★★ (12)
    Length: 19:35
    Downloads: 4938
    Only while under
    Really good file but the audio is super quiet. I had to turn my volume up all the way to hear anything.
    Thanks for the feedback! I've increased the volume on all these files.
    for free files these are really darn good, the diaper training 3 was my favorite so far, I'll have to listen to this one more, is it geared towards bladder incontinence too? thank you for making these, it was totally worth the membership. i just love the idea of being rendered super helpless(forced) in diapers, you really understand what we want to hear and be made to do
    I really really do love this file, but it's still a bit quiet.
    Andysixxgirl1017, A friend helped me normalize these and all my files so everything should be good now for volume. Thanks for the compliments Nogar88, I'm glad you liked em! The subliminal bedwetter file and diaper training 2 are great for working toward bladder incontinence. I recommend you give them a try!
    Does this cause pants wetting as well? I dont have premium so I cant find out
    Great file! I messed a bit while listening, then shortly after I stood up and my body completely let go. It actually caught me by surprise and I fell back onto my chair right into the mess :P. No lingering effects the day after listening, but I only listened once so not too surprising.
    It worked, not as I expected but its working, today I had had wet spots in my pants (i wanst waring diapers) and suddenly
    Suddenly there was a poop smell, I noticed that the smell was comming from a poop in my underwear
    After listening a few times I started listening when I knew I would have to “go”! Wow what an effect this has had on me! Yesterday afternoon I didn’t feel like be diapered so I took it off. When I went to bed I started getting worried about the morning when I usually go and felt compelled to put a diaper on. Glad I did now. I just wish there was a file like this one for wetting full time!
    would it be possible to make a version but only using plastic pants? i think being forced to wear them and poop in them would be fun
    Good file, worked wonders worked well, but I stopped after a bit. I have an ideas. This but only when you're safe. You tell us to imagine what it's like for us to be comfortable enough to poop, so why not reuse that and make us incontinent when we feel safe?
    Question — when you say "body with binaural", do you mean combining the two files, one on top of the other?