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    Updated on 01/10/22 to inculde the body, binaural, and the script.

    You are a cum cow and you exist to be milked. Everything revolves around being the best cum factory you can possibly be. Don't go too long in-between milking sessions or it might get painful...

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    NOTE: This file assumes you have a penis.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
    Length: 19:14
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    what exactly does this one entail?
    This seems to be having an effect, Even though i didn't go completely under i can feel sensation in the groin and i start leaking and getting hard for quite a while after listening to it. Binaural beats might also be contributing to this working so well for me, But i feel that it is working with the seemingly large increase amount of precum i been having after only a few listens.
    This one worked-ish. I woke up at 5am, with my morning wood, and as i was laying there, half-awake, mybrain was trying to make me more and more mindless, and i wanted to stroke it...and i always wanted to groan...like an animal. Given this was the only hypno ive listened to in a while i knew what it was. The problem was, as i was half awake, i couldnt tell: why? I moved my hand down oh! Thats why! My balls were tingling.. looks like the trigger works. The problem for me, is that happens quite rarely. Morning wood is one, and i think after a shower, two. Tingles are so rare, its kinda redundant, if u re-recorded it with some sort of other trigger, this would be a more, useful(?) file(to me!) But a great file anyway, really enjoyed it, post-suggestions rarely work for me, so happy to have something work for me for a change!
    wow this was fantastic