• SnackAttack Piggy File 1: You Are A Pig — $30   , ,  

    The time has come to acknowledge what you really are – you’re a pig. Just a greedy, fat pig. And you want nothing more than to just stuff your belly until you are completely full, and then stuff it some more, as you get fatter and fatter. It makes you horny just thinking about it. But you know you can’t cum without making a complete pig of yourself.

    Includes the suggestion that you can't cum unless you've stuffed at least one of your holes. And you always want to cum.

    This file has several layers of tracks designed to convince you of what you already know - that you are a horny, hungry pig. Enjoy this file on repeat and watch what happens. Available with and without a binaural track. There is no induction on this file. 

    This file is a Warp My Mind exclusive. Enjoy, piggy!

    File Length: 6:36

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
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