• Way of the Pig — $15    

    Unleash your inner sex pig with this intense erotic hypnosis designed to work with your own unique pattern of fetishes but make you crave them gluttonously more. Contains barebacking and musk references. 

    Rating: ★★★★★ (6)
    Length: 23:58
    Downloads: 364
    Fuuuck, this file take you deep, especially if you listen to some of Drago's other files like F2R. I blacked out to this file and I awoke with a raging hardon and the urge to goon to some of my kinkiest desires. The more i listen, the more i accept my kinks and fetishes. It's actually a very sexually empowering file it seems like, i definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in hot, steamy men, their smells, or any other self-indulgent kinks. Enjoy bros
    Loving this file, feels almost 'made to measure' for me. The induction is very effective .. the rest I don't remember. But my Keyholder has asked why I'm suddenly so into His pits and tweeting about being pissed on/in. He approves.
    Can anyone share with me this file? I don't even live at US
    This is a very good and powerful file. I am a well trained sub-pig and this file makes me want to become a even more depraved pig. After playing the file a few times I feel the need to get all my hole stretched and fill for hours after hearing it. This has to be one of the best files for a sub-pig.