• Force Feminized by a Girly Spirit (Curse) — $25   ,  

    This is a dangerous file! Do not listen without reading every word. A girly spirit is worked into this file. When you listen it will posses your body and start changing your perception of your body and your mind into a girls. Slowly but surely it breaks past your defences and changes you forever! Only those who want to be a woman should listen, but be warned its permanent without a file from me to undo it. Youll be trapped to live as a woman in mind and soon body.

    Keep in mind no hypnosis can change your body dirrectly only your perception of it and your behavior. Also note the spirit will become one with you at the end, but woultn change who you are at all, only making you more feminine and womanly. Good Luck and Enjoy (;

    Sex Change
    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 19:37
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    Permanent(when safe)
    Doesn't necessarily sound like a curse to me. Permanent, potentially. But a Curse?