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    Yes sweetie, it's time to **sparkle** and dress up pretty for cock like the good bimbo cumslut you are.

    Your fluffy little mind is going to float away to sissy dreamyland as you delight in sinking deeper than ever before into a pink and pussified world where all of your wildest girly girl dreams become a wonderful reality.

    You already know that resistance is so yucky and silly sweetie. Your little mind understands that total love and acceptance of yourself and others is so much healthier and happier.

    This session builds upon the first Resistance Dissolver (another must-listen for true pathological sissies) and greatly strengthens the wonderful effects.

    The line between fantasy and reality will be blurred like never before and they will start to feel like they are one in the same for good obedient brainwashed fuckdolls who **sparkle** and giggle for cock like happy-headed whores should :) 

    Good girls will learn to fully accept themselves without even a tinge of shame or embarrassment after continued training with this sweetly sinister piece of work.

    This file is extremely powerful and ultra-addictive sweetie and the bestest thing to do is accept that repeated listening over the coming days, weeks and months is a foregone conclusion before you even begin.

    You adore the permanent and irreversible nature of my conditioning sweetie and it is far too alluring for such a **precious pussified flower girl** to even think about resisting.

    Note: Resistance Dissolver - Part 2 includes two versions (download Body next to MP3 for original BGM version) at no additional cost. 



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    Length: 32:24
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    im fangirling and squirting like a happy little fairy princess for mommy gracie
    Awwww, such a cutie :)
    i love mommy gracie soo much with all my heart and soul, i love when queen empress mommy gracie completely mentally castrates me and emasculates me turning me more and more into a pink glittering magical sissy fairy princess faggot!