• Permanent Female Identity Core    

    serious warning: HARD-LOCKED, irreversible!

    this is my personal edit (what i personally use) and have had great results with.
    my cuts and splicing have been very strategic.
    it is made by combining parts of 3 different files by essdeeess which you know is potent anyway.

    Deeply locked-in permament switch to female identity hypno file.

    do not ignore this warning: you CANNOT regain a male identity after absorbing this file. 


    Rating: ★★★★★ (7)
    Length: 50:04
    Downloads: 1597
    Saw your request on Discord and figured it would be worth the cost of Premium to check it out. I am trans, currently in a holding pattern with my transitioned that I had to pause after a year. I've also been listening to hypno for a decade. I haven't listened to the original files from which this one was built, so pretty much walking in blind, feeling excited at the content warning. I like to tempt fate, and the fact I had been up all night and listened to a couple pretty intense indoctrination files (thus, in a sleepy, compliant mindset) before sitting to listen to a file with a warning like this gave me a bit of a thrill. I admit I can reach trance conversationally, so I did skip the induction just to get things moving. The quality also seemed to be lacking, but I let it just play while I took care of some work stuff. It wasn't long at all before the sounds and the voice(s) sort of blended into this calming, ethereal melody and snuck its way up and into my head, like little tendrils too small to really feel at first, and by the time you notice them they've already hooked into your brain and have been installing your new opinions about things for a little while now. What I love is the specific phrasing used regarding physical changes to the body. What I didn't like was, ironically, the same things for different reasons. Nothing to fix with the file, it's a personal preference. Growing breasts at this point would increase my own dysphoria because of more importance is losing the muscle definition and bulk in my upper half and, so growing breasts at this point felt like it might add to the problem. Yes, this file made me feel like that is a valid, real world concern. As the voice worked its way around the body, describing what was happening, I actually could feel something happening with each area. This is the first file I know to have achieved this for me, and it is the only file I have listened to that I must listen to in a setting where I could be still, and refrain from ever listening to while driving. I will update this in a week or two, and in the meantime welcome any suggestions that may help with this file's effectiveness.
    This file is strong.. I am surprised is isnt a $30 or more file.
    Hiya! Please, in the future, ask for permission before using my files ^__^