• Cal's Curse Female Voice `Orgasm Denial``Binaural`    


    This curse forces you to need permission to orgasm. Anyone can give you permission but it must be with the knowledge of what they are giving you permission for AND it cannot be reused (such as a recording you play over and over). It doesn't matter how badly you want to cum, nor how much you beg. You will be unable to achieve climax without the permission of another person. 


    All credit goes to Reddit user u/Falling_Leaf for his work... I am simply lending my voice to it  at the community's request to create a female voiced version in tribute to his legacy. May it honor him and... torture.. you.

    At the end... I do ad lib my own stuff... so, enjoy being under my spell. Hope you enjoyed that.. last.. orgasm

    ** There is a removal available as well **

    Edited and encouraged by the lovely Reddit user u/lovesthepain -- who also wrote the removal. If you enjoy this file, please give him a thank you because without him I wouldn't have made it. :)

    For more of my work, you can visit: Here

    Orgasm Control
    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 34:10
    Downloads: 615
    Hey, please could you post it somewhere else to download? This site id terrible for it.