• Total Princess    

    Warning : This file will mess with you.

    Disclaimer : This is the strongest file I have made and will make as anything stronger is against my ethical boundaries. This is a takeover file, meaning that it could change your life significantly. I advise listening to it once out of trance, and making sure its what you want to do, before trancing with it. Its a tool, and just like any tool can be used for good purposes or not so good, you decide. So I will not be held responsible for your choice to listen to it. Really only should be listened to by M2F, or AFAB.

    Contents : Total Princess is a very powerful feminization file, within the sub-branch of Princessification. It does not need an induction, its a stand alone file.

    Details : Its voiced by TTS. Script is an amalgamation of AI, myself and with help from ThatoneGurll another hypnotist here on WMM. This file should really be a example of what AI is capable of if ethical restrictions are not an issue. To support my work : https://www.patreon.com/GirlSchool494

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (7)
    Length: 58:41
    Downloads: 1577
    Yes I did help with this one and it's even too intense for me and I like some crazy stuff so as snicky83 said, you've been warned
    This is a great file, I am grateful it was created. If you have ever listened to a takeover file, this one feels like the end of the journey. It has some great life advice. If you have ever wanted to let your inner princess be in charge, then this awesome file will put you in the back seat.
    Does this have iq reduction/amnesia? I don't want that and that is why I am asking.
    I fully agree with the description! If you are m2f and want to feel more feminine, this might be a bit extreme. If you're not in tune with yourself and not experienced with hypnosis this file could cause negatives imo. For myself, I am trans, listened twice today, first time I feel asleep, but the second time I got into a really nice trance, feeling tingles of warmth with every "princess". It made me able to focus on aspects of myself, I more of used the "takeover" part in a sense of removing bad feelings and focusing on who I wanna be. Definitely be cautious though.
    This file really did a number on me the first time I listened. Have you ever thought of making some ABDL hypnosis files? I'd purchase those if they were the same quality as this was!