• Gainer Pig Transformation - FatBoy54    

    This file is for hardcore gainers with animal transformation kinks. After listening to this file, you will find that you slowly start transforming into a pig, no matter where you are or what you're doing. It'll start with your ears and you'll believe that others can see this transformation. The only way to stop it is to stuff yourself until you can't hold anymore. Only then will you revert fully back to your human form. If you don't eat enough, your transformation will continue and you'll become increasingly hungry and horny until you cum your human seed away and are stuck as a rutting pig on all 4s, eating any food you can until you black out and wake up human again. It's a fairly intense file and not for the faint of heart. The pig transform can be triggered irreversibly by someone saying "pig pig pig". No amount of food will stop your transformation this time, and you will fully transform until you again eat until you black out and wake up human again. 

    Contains trance and pleasure triggers, in case we ever chat ;)

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    Length: 20:45
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    Can't wait for this file to become free