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    A powerful sissy adventure, utilising some exciting new techniques, which will help you to truly blossom as the girliest of girls.  This multi-voiced AI session will place you at the centre of a friendship group who will encourage you to change your life so that you can truly become one of the girls. And these supportive new friends will be in your mind all the time from now on, always tempting you and encouraging you to blossom as their special sissy friend.

    There will be a cost to becoming part of this group however.  You will be expected to go completely pussy free and lose any lingering sexual attraction towards women.  Instead you will be encouraged to accept yourself as an effeminate gay sissy as a stepping stone in your feminization.  You will no longer think of women in a sexual way, your tastes and interests will begin to change and you will hear the voices of your new best friends in your mind long after you stop listening to this file.  It's finally time to become one of the girls and this exciting hypnosis file will make that happen.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
    Length: 47:37
    Downloads: 75
    OMG! You have always been such a huge inspiration to me! It makes me so happy to see that I have been an inspiration to you as well! When I heard a certain part of this file it gave me chills! This file was sooo amazing! Everyone needs to check this one out! I am so happy to know you experienced my Happy Therapy File! I love you Ms.J Keep being the GOAT for all the good girls !!
    That's very sweet of you but I'm afraid I am not familiar with that file, any similarities must be coincidental. I would not use someone else's ideas or concepts without seeking consent and without attribution. Thank you for your comment though x
    Knew this file wasn't really my cup of tea (sex with men is a total turn-off) but purchased it out of curiosity. It is a very well done file that will most likely be very effective for the right audience.
    DawnSimone, given the total turn-off scenario, have you any recommendations that are your cup of tea ? Genuinely interested to know, thanks.
    Hello MsJ Would you consider a version that encourages becoming one of the girls but without any reference to being attracted to guys ?
    There will be a second file in this series which will be much more focused on feminization rather than sexuality so be patient girls.