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    Women. Just look at them. They make you ache. They make you hard. Their curves keep you up at night… And when you listen to this recording you’ll grow to want them, to need them even more. So horny and obsessed with women all the time! Eyes rolling back. Feels so good to be so unbelievably turned on!

    But… I’m afraid there’s just one small problem….

    The more your arousal grows, the more you’ll start to realize how scary girls are! Listen to the recording… Listen to it again… You’ll find yourself so desperately horny you can’t help but try to be around women despite blushing terribly, soaking the armpits of your shirt with sweat and nervously stuttering and fumbling for words, making a complete ass of yourself. Listen again... You’ll feel your confidence and self-esteem collapsing under the weight of their sheer perfection. Born out of the comparison between her perfection and your flaws, fear, self-doubt, inadequacy and sexual insecurity rises…and rises. Listen again… Again.. If women are perfect, how could you ever question them? And with your self-doubt skyrocketing and your self-confidence hitting the floor you’ll discover that not only do you want to have sex with women (and you want that so very much), but you are also desperate for their help and opinions. So many things you’re unsure of: like knowing what you think about a particular topic, finding out whether or not you have permission to do go to the bathroom, knowing what to order in a restaurant, learning how to do dishes and clean her apartment quietly so as not to disturb her or the man she’s fucking in the bedroom . Listen to me….. You’re going to become a pathetic, terrified little toady following women around with a constant throbbing erection and doing what you’re told. Oh, and be sure to write me as things progress. Don’t worry, darling, I’d never manipulate one of my frightened little man toys. ;)

    Rating: ★★★★★ (8)
    Length: 40:38
    Downloads: 293
    This is an amazingly good recording for anyone interested in humiliation. Ms Black has an excellent understanding of the more subtle aspects of humiliation. The audio isn\'t quite perfect -- in a perfect world, Ms. Black would have a professional studio at her disposal -- but that\'s a small quibble in comparison to the quality of this recording.
    Definitely a top-notch humiliation file. I find the induction to be very effective and well done. The suggestions provide about twice the level of humiliation that I can handle, but I love to hear them anyways. \"Scared of Women\", \"Scared of Sylvia Black\", or \"Scared of This File\" would all make acceptable titles.
    Conceptually I liked this, but I didn\'t care for the follow-thru - I\'m enough of a analytic type that my reaction to the fantasy is the \"Well, what woman would *want* the useless slave that would result if this were real?\" if this worked as advertised, you would have the competence of Sgt Schultz before it was done. Additionally, the sound effect made it hard for me to hear on an MP3 player (Though not PC headphones) I do like it conceptually, but would love to see it redone so you were a pathetic . . . yet highly competent and useful . . . little toady following women around with a constant throbbing erection and doing what you’re told.
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