• Slutinmyhead - Habit Forming    
    This is a self-improvement file designed to help you incorporate good habits and eliminate bad. File instructs you that these changes appear guided by feedback from your significant other. This file has amazing subversive appeal, despite it\'s surface well-meaning theme. The induction is particularly slippery. I hope you enjoy.

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    I really like this file, but it assumes that one has a partner, and also that one\'s partner provides feedback that is constructive. That\'s great when true, of course. Any chance of doing a version of this that is more \"self-contained,\" relying on your suggestions and perhaps the listener\'s? Thanks for all your work on these!
    when will it be free to dawnload?\n
    Hi, I LOVE your work, and I\'d really like to try this file, but it doesn\'t appear to be able to be downloaded. Any chance of a fix?