• Slutinmyhead - Neural Remapping    
    This file uses the latest research regarding phantom limb sensations to entangle how your brain interprets stimulation to your mouth, genitals and ass. You should feel pleasurable sensations in all three anytime any individual one is stimulated. This file specifies that you will only feel these phantom sensations when they are sexual in nature and that they will always be pleasurable. This file utilizes an Ericksonian-style induction that is quick and conversational. Although really intended for women, much of the language used is non-gender specific. Long story short: you may notice more emphasis on how this entanglement affects women, but it should still work for either sex. This neural remapping is intended to become permanent.

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    Length: 11:25
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    Have to try this soon. Sounds awesome.
    This is a great file! I\'m working on the computer at the same time, dipping into and out of awareness of your voice, and I feel like it\'s slipping right in past my conscious mind into my happy little subconscious. It seems to be innocuous - but I\'m looking forward to the next time I brush my teeth. Very much!
    Update on my last comment: this might be the greatest file on WMM. I\'m so grateful you made it!
    If you enjoyed this file, be sure to listen to Heartwould\'s recording to reinforce it. Good stuff...
    Fabulous file, I\'ve listened to it a few times and get reminders of it at odd times whilst going about my life. I think it might be working. In any case, very stimulating mentally. It makes perfect sense. I\'ve also listened to the support file but can\'t make out what\'s being said on it - just trust that the training message is the same as on this. Thanks Slut in my Head!
    I Just listened, this file is so good Sir, thank you
    I love your style and this is a good file. I only wish you had more of what I like.
    What a good file.