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    By popular demand, this is the Diaper Destiny file from the DiaperTraining series. Purchase only gives you access to the file and does not grant access to the series and cannot be applied to purchase of the series.

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    has anyone actually tried this? how can this possibly work?
    same is what im asking. it seems around 290 people have
    I tried it and it worked one day I was at my babysitters and I boy had an accident so she made me wear one just to be safe.then she tickled me til I wet my diaper sO when she told my mom my mom wanted me to live with the babysiter forever.so Now my babysitter/mom has made the potty off limits so I had to go in diapers again ang again.then she made me listen to a hypnosis cd that made me incontent.I love be Incontient.plus I have the duper virus so pretty much every one on the whole street has no control I love my new mom my diapers and my virus just try it and you\'ll have a felling of joy every day forever!