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    More of an old fashioned curse than a traditional hypnosis file, this file will seperate the men from the sissies. This file will have no, or little, effect on most men, however some sissy types may find themselves impotent with women, lusting over guys and wearing panties. The curse cannot be removed, by me or anyone else, for reasons which will be obvious if you listen. This is my first file and has a couple of rough edges. Feedback is very welcome, so tell me if you like it and I'll make more.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (111)
    Length: 33:30
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    Probably the most insidious file I\'ve listened to on this site or anywhere else. Granted some will not be able to get over the TTS voice, but the script was so good it didn\'t matter to me. If you\'re a borderline sissy standing on the edge, this file will SHOVE you over that sissy cliff!
    Thank you for the feedback adverse. I have just uploaded the first of three files which will re-inforces the changes made in this curse. Look for Little Miss Squidgy: Limp
    This is very very good, well done!!! i think i will be listening to it over and over again :)
    yes sissywendy, you should listen to it at least once first thing in the morning and then at least once last thing at night for a week, then you can move onto the limp file and there will be another file in the series ready by the end of the week princess.
    This is an amazing file. It seems very effective, and the language used is genius. I am usually pretty resistant to hypnosis, and do it for entertainment, but I definitely fear what would happen if I listened to this file all the way through once or twice a day. This might be the most arousing and effective file I have found on this site.
    I was a borderline sissy and went over the cliff into a lovely pink world. Nice feeling like a little princess. Why did I not do this before. Because this file is new of course. Thank you MsJ ! You made the difference. To interested men: Listen and decide what you are. But there is no going back. Remember that ! Recommend that you listen to Little Miss Squidge first. Then you will be on a pink cloud. So after that you should listen to the Panty-file - making you buy and wear lovely panties full time. Then you should listen to Limp so that you have room in your panties for your dear little wee wee. End up by cock-file and have fun. I am a proud little sissy now and have discovered that men love sissies: Was at the gym yesterday and was showing off a pink panty in the changing room and guess what: I ended up sucking cock in the loo !
    i can\'t help it... i keep listening to this file... it is so fun and nice... i was hoping that i\'d be able to stop the curse at the end with removal you give. i mean part of me tells me just to stop the file when you say that sissies can, but i just keep trying to get it to stop. i start to play with myself and thinking about a sexy woman there stroking my wee-wee... then i can\'t help thinking about cheerleaders and panties and sucking cock... i tried and tried to not think about this while i masturbated... but then i\'d think about sucking a nice, juicy cock or think of hot cum exploding on my face... and then the sexy woman stroking my wee-wee is now there in pretty pink satin panties and cute cheerleader outfit, giggling at me as i try to cum... i picked out some really nice pink panties at the store the other day, they feel so nice to wear... maybe i need a few more? am i really just a cock sucking sissy now?
    i have easily resisted my inner sissy until now\n\nnow i have all Your mp3s from the site except \'limp\', i\'m married and bi and my wife is cool :)\n\nthe language is what got me, i agreed with so much and now the idea of pink smoke makes me feel horny and stupid, wonderful Work\n\nThank You, You are in my head in a way i have never felt before :D\n\ntony / Princess / vanessa
    I\'m with Chizambers on this one, listening I must be a sissy, but all good things in moderation, thats how I resist the suggestions and stay hetro, also I imagine sucking the dido/dick of a woman, bam!
    I downloaded this file 3 days ago and have listened 3 times a day every day since. Granted I\'d get rock hard while listening so I was skeptical about how it would work but last night in bed I could not get hard to save my life to fuck my girlfriend. Not on my own, not with her sucking me, my cock stayed completely limp. This morning I was able to get hard but I was thinking about big cocks and sucking cocks so I was able to have sex with my girlfriend. But I had to fantasize about being in panties and sucking cock and getting sprayed with hot cum the whole time to stay hard in her. I;m going to listen again right now and am curious about the other files in the series now.
    One of the best files i have ever heard. I have now listened it once and my gf is coming home soon, lets see what happens...
    I love your file. I feel more and more sissish everytime I listen, Thank you, keep up your good work.
    Uh oh. This file definitely separated me from any thoughts of being a man in the future. I will always be pantied cocksucker. There\'s no reason to deny it any longer.
    I am a heterosexual male and I listened to this and the other Squidgy files only a few times each. but even though initially aroused by the very good looking woman in bed with me when it came to sex my penis just drooped and nothing I could do worked in getting an erection back. Beware of this file!!!! I listened as I liked the script and voice and was curious but now worried I will never be able to make love to a woman again!!!!
    thank you so much ms.j love your files so much *giggle* cant wait to try the file panties
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can\'t stop listening. I\'m wearing panties again, and am planning to go to the local male adult theatre this Saturday and suck cock. I can\'t wait.\nThese files make me feel so good and aroused, thank you for making me remember that I\'m just a sissy slut, and that\'s all I\'ve ever been, no matter how hard I\'ve tried to hide it.\nI\'ve been ever since grade school, but have never felt free to express myself, my desires, my urges, my femininity. Than you SOOOooo much.\n\nSmooch.
    this might piss ya off. I listen to 3 files in a row...squid, panties, and limp.\ncrank it out about a rad chick at a coffee house. I aggressive, angry, full thought capacity, all those dude things.......apparently hypnosis has no effect on me.....ha!
    Evidently I am a sissy. I wouldn\'t have thought so. Now I\'ll try the next file. Maybe I\'ll be\r\nable to remember this one.
    I just keep playing it.
    What a fiendishly, devious and insidious file …… loved it!!!!
    Honestly the first time I listened to this file it scared the crap out of me. I liked the idea of crossdressing and acting like a girl, but I couldn\'t get used to the idea of impotence. I still can\'t, but that doesn\'t make this series one of the best on the site. Cleverly written, and the only way I think it could be more effective is if we got a real female voice for it, which I would adore.\n\nAny chance we could get a sissy feminine voice file? There\'s a lack of quality(free) ones on the site.
    i am very interested in all of your work, but could you please make a file for a total change in sexual preference? i would like to become gay, and happy about it not necessarily more feminine. but just a file that would help me in my struggle. that would help me come out of the closet, and endure the humiliation or negative reactions by others, perhaps even gain some pleasure from those situations. i just want to become a confident and happy gayboy. i don\'t want to be feminized, atleast not at this time. thanks! ;)
    Ms J i was gone for over a year but i felt the need to come back, your pink smoke feels so good inside me, my little glowing ball loves becoming desperate for your words, i\'m like a girl who\'s hungry to be fucked, waiting, ready. Thank you again
    Little Miss Squidgy is the most impressive file I\'ve ever heared. Be very carfull if you want to hear it or not! It WILL change you! I\'ve ended thinking 2 days about buying panties and think about penises (and it turns me on). Now I deleted the file because I am afraid what it did to me (only from listen it one time) and what it will do to me...
    I am divorced and always dated women. I had a little interest in cocks, but never went too deep in that desire, feeling guilty of it. I ran across this file and thought I would give it a try. I feel sooo much better now about myself. I was egotistical and fooled myself into feeling I had to be with women. I am always thinking of cock now and I am also glad about the impotence with women. I didn\'t want any guilt about trying cock, but I have no choice, since I have no more interest and can\'t get it up for women( I tried twice to no avail). I only have one choice now, without any confusion, and that is sucking cock. Thank you for changing my life for the better. I love cock now and I don\'t feel guilty about it. It was in me all along. I just needed something to guide me the right way and Little Miss Squidgy did.
    thankyou so much Madam.. your files turned me into a total sissy faggot.. I want to find a dominant daddy to use me full time now.. and have no desire to sleep with a girl for the rest of my life thankyou so much
    Thank you so much, MsJ, for this powerfully effective file. I have now listened 2-3 times a day for four days. I tranced the first time I listened, and since then it has caused me to break through the denial I held onto for years, of my true sissy self. I can now comfortably accept one hundred per cent impotence with women, and I really feel relief that a burden has been lifted from me.
    didnt work for me
    i could not help but listen to this file once when it first came out and was quite aroused by it and worried by the suggestions at the same time; i did not listen again until last night - 18 months later; it did me in just as good the 2nd time around; the person who called this file insidious got it right on the nose; i have listened to both cure-or-curse files and they are just as hot to the glowing ball of me as this one is; I didn\'t think I would actually enjoy being made impotent with woman and aroused by male cock, but I guess my inner sissy is; time for more pink smoke; Thank You MsJ!
    I love the cadence of your voice it is so authoritative, yet reassuring. I felt I was with a friend who understood my desires and needs. Hearing your beautiful and evocative description of sucking a cock reminded me of how wonderful it felt to have an erect penis in my mouth, the deep emotional satisfaction as well as the excitement and passion, culminating in him filling my pussy-mouth with his cum, savoring it before swallowing. Feeling my inadequate masculinity become replaced with the satisfaction of being a sissy devoted to satisfying the needs of other men, as their eager and grateful cum-bucket.
    This file is overwhelming, it has a logic that no one can deny, if you listen to it and there is a part of you that is slightly a sissy, then this is a one way trip, for your life will never be the same.\nYou have been warned, if you have doubts, don\'t listen to it, this is no game, it is real and will send you down the spiral of sissyhood if you let Miss J\'s words penetrate your mind you will cease to be a man... unless of course, you are not a sissy after all... mmhhhh only one way to find out... Do you dare?
    Holy wow! What an amazing file. This file is exactly as it is billed. I must be honest and say that i probably fall squarely into the target audience for this file. I listened once two nights ago, then couldn\'t help myself and listened to it again the next morning. This file had immediate and significant effects on me... not all of which i was quite prepared for. I have no doubt that prolonged usage of this file will do exactly what it says it will... in fact, it may not even take that. I can\'t get Miss Squidgy out of my head... i am, now, Miss Squidgy. Listen with care.
    Great file. Certainly works for me.
    Which TTS program is used in this file? It is the best I\'ve heard.
    You have broken me MsJ. I listened to this a couple of years back for the first time and since then I haven\'t even been on a date with a woman. I listened again to this recently for the first time in a while and Goddess Gracie\'s Bimbo Blessing and they both hit me like an electric charge. I feel a real strong pull to take things further.
    Powerful and scary too! I love your files, but am frightened about where they will take me, so I try not to listen too often. :) Best of luck with your work in the Feminization Conspiracy. I hope it unfolds rapidly! yay!
    this is a pretty scary file ! I listened to it for entertainment cause I\'m a 20 yo straight guy. The part about wearing panties didn\'t bother me at all but when she started talking about insecurity with hot women and fear of impotence, her words pretty much did their job & touched my sore spot.. I\'ve never had problems getting hard but now I do. I guess every guy has a weak spot and this file finds it and turns it against you..
    I beat this. my mind is stronger than MsJ!
    A very interesting and compelling recording. Although I am a sissy crossdresser, I am also very hetero. I'm glad to say that it didn't work on me (as far as I can tell), but I did indulge in the "undo" option at the end.
    Very effective and has an instant lasting effectt that only increases with every listen. Once this door is opened it's very (very) difficult to close again.
    Listened last night as my first ever hypno track... I've always been sceptical and although I'm definitely the intended listener (a self-confessed sissy who already has panties, etc but has done anything else) I haven't been able to stop thinking about the hypno all day long today. I'm kind of scared to where this will take me, but it will definitely do what it says.