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    This file convinces you your soulmate could only be a hypnotist, so important is hypnosis a part of your life and who you are. It encourages greater participation in the online hypnosis community to increase the odds of finding your romantic connection.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (3)
    Length: 15:40
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    What a great file. I look forward to more. Some others make me feel impatient but I wish your\'s would would just go on forever. Thanks.
    This is excellent, while listening I was wasn\'t entirely certain I was under, but the suggestions affected me almost immediately.
    one of your best
    Excellent script and beautifully executed--SIMH's voice always takes me deep into trance. If you listen to this once or twice, it will probably make you more excited to find a hypnotist you can connect with, more enthusiastic to participate in online hypno communities, more eager for and receptive to hypnosis. If you listen to it regularly (which you might want to do), you'll very likely be compelled to find a hypnotist to be your partner and put forth effort until you find one.