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    This file curses the listener so that they wake up from the file feeling incredibly horny with an uncontrollable craving for cock. The listener will absolutely need to orgasm as soon as possible, whether through sex or masturbation. The catch is that once the listener cum they will feel satisfied for two hours. Once the two hours have passed the entire process begins again. Repeated uses should lead to a constantly looming lustful desire that comes back every two hours. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts because in a couple of hours you will need more.. and more.. and more..rnrnI haven't added any new files to WMM in a while and hope that you all enjoy this. Please feel free to leave comments, or private message me with any questions or feedback.

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    Length: 1:17:33
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    i couldn\'t download this file....this is a first for this site for me...can anyone suggest what i can do about this?\n
    It won\'t download for me either, but I am able to download other files on the site. Any help or suggestions?
    When I downloaded and tried to play the file I get a message stating the file is not a valid MP3 format and cannot be played.
    That is very odd. I assure you that the file is a standard Mp3 file. If anyone else is having this problem please let me know. If any premium members are having trouble downloading this file please PM me so that I can personally send it to you.\n\n~Jerm
    i am a premium member so am interested in having this file
    The file is 206 bytes long, which seems very short for an hour long file. Jerm / EMG please upload it again. Thanks
    Within the mp3-file is an error message:\n\nFatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 74465281 bytes) in /home/warpmymind/public_html/modules/FilesNewsys/index.php on line 316
    \n\nSo I assume, that the original file simply is too big?
    The instructions for uploading a file to WMM state that a file must 120MB or less. This file is only 72MB, so I don\'t see why it won\'t work..
    I posted this in the forum but thought it would be good to have with the file comment as well. I have really been enjoying this file. Its one of my favorites from this site. If something about the description appeals to you and especially if you like long, deep trance experiences then by all means request a copy and listen for a few days to see how it works for you. I went into a deep trance with my first listen and started noticing some results after a few listens. Not exactly as the description states, but similar. I think everyone experiences hypnosis in their own special way (e.g. people interpret and experience suggestions slightly different from others - or may not respond at all). But that\'s part of the journey...
    i am a member could u send the file i would really like it
    I still cant download this file. any suggestions?
    Downloaded this several times, every time I get a file that is for making the subject more susceptible to the files. Would very much like to hear the original file.
    this is amazing. I really liked it. there were a couple of places where I almost woke up because it felt like it was going on a really long time, but then it brought me back under. There were also a couple of places where the music skipped or stopped. I want to listen to this again and again and again
    this file is really for women, as the majority of the file is about \"craving cock\" not about becoming aroused
    wonderful file....very addictive voice and one of the best files i have downloaded from this site! thank you for making it.
    Do you have an anticurse for this one?
    Pros: Great hypnosis technique, making my body actually feel locked in trance. Cons: Regularly says \"Good girl\" and references to the listener\'s pussy, even though the audience list includes /gay men/. (I managed to say to myself \"Okay, he means my ass.\") Also, most of the length of the file is just looping stuff over and over - once it hits a point, it stops building and just keeps on like a broken record. I wish you had built on the horniness and lust descriptions more - but then again, they\'d probably\'ve been about pussy, which I kind of lack. - - - TLDR: NOT for guys unless you identify as a girl with a pussy.
    Agreed with Squirrelous about redundancy. There\'s repetitiveness that assists in trancing/reinforcing... and then there\'s looping the same audio bytes over and over. I feel like this could have been snipped down to 45min and still been equally effective. As it stands, there\'s about 50 minutes of induction and 30 minutes of the actual good stuff, which is lacking in buildup of arousal and descriptive stuff. Like I said, it\'s 2-3 phrases just played over and over until the countdown to wake up.
    yum i love this file, it makes me so deeply hypnotized, and very aroused, like few other files have:)
    Addicted to this. The induction to submit, be helpless, obey, is perfect, I edited it out so I can use it with other files. Thank you!
    The only file I want to download and it won\'t let me? Takes me to a blank page
    One of the best and most enjoyable files ever. It makes feel therapeutically good on many levels and happy throughout the day. Thank you. Please make more files. Male only voices make me concentrate far better.
    Can\'t find any download links
    Sub tried it, seems to work just not as intensely as described. nonetheless it works!
    I would like this file plzzz
    How do I get this file
    I like your method, it works. Does any part of it use subliminal suggestion? Is it possible to get a MP3 that combines elements 1) curing erectile dysfunction (tells me to get over any hangups, to be confident, not shy, able to talk to any guy about anything, etc.) and 2) cursing me to always get horny & have an erection whenever I see a hot guy, I'm hanging out with a guy and having sex...never to doubt myself and fully enjoy whatever sex we're having. Like getting me back to when I was in my 20s and in my prime.
    I listened 3 times yesterdeay and I think it worked I'm so fucking horny
    Only for women... Talked about vaginas... Seeing I don't have don't have one it doesn't work
    Wowowow. This is the deepest I have gone in a long time and i am insatiable right now. Holy fuck.
    so what if you don't cum after the 2 hours? do you just keep getting more and more horny or...?
    On itself it's a good made file, but this file is absolutely not for FTM transgender or anyone else that doesn't thing of himself as female. "good girl" and "pussy" is very annoying and stops te file from doing its work. Also you write that people get horny for sex or masturbation every two hours, but the text in the file is alone about sex (involving cock), not about masturbation.
    is it possible to get a script for this?
    Really should remove the tag for gay men, since it keeps referring to "good girl" and "pussy." And if you're going to spend half the file on being helpless and submissive, that should be in the description so people know what they're getting.
    So where is the error free file? I download but can play. Have tried several times
    So where is the error free file? I download but can play. Have tried several times.
    So after listening I didnt think this would work only bc towards the end it got pretty repetitive so I ended up cutting it 20 minutes short. I was still horny as fuck and came but now 2 hours later Im in desperate need of something to fill my pussy
    I had filtered for files for Gay men and as such was not expecting reference to “Girl” and “pussy” In this file.
    I havent listened to this file in a few months, and I only listened to it the 1 time. I put this file on tonight and I pushed record and almost instantly fell into trance. His voice made me feel so relaxex and comfortable I just couldnt help it. Lets see if in 2 hrs Im craving cock again, which is funny to bc Im a gay women and during this file I kept thinking "I really DO want cock"