• Hypnosis Works... Too Well    
    This induction provides some education about hypnosis and Jungian archetypes. This file is intended to increase our rapport and the power of my other files over your subconscious mind. You are encouraged to realize your goals, whatever they are. Much of this is open to interpretation, making this a highly individualized experience.

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    Trigger(by yourself)
    Sounds like fun, looking forward to listening to it! It even has a nice binaural version. :)
    Lovely... just finished my first listen... I did not want to come up from the deep trance... it seemed like your voice stopped a few minutes before I started moving my head around... and several more before my body came up enough to start moving slowly and eventually standing up... so relaxed... so calm... I may still be in a light trance... so wonderfully lovely...
    Guessing you know where that binaural came from. Thanks again :) Rgn, I am very glad you liked this...
    Great file--educational too! I like the variety in your inductions. Keeps my mind interested. And you are interesting--I know that from . . . where do I know that from, again? hmmm
    Wa ha ha!
    Excellent idea for a file, the \"informative lecture\" style seemed to work well(most likely due to being in college). I do note a lapse of vocal technique, though. A few mispronunciations(if you\'re worried about the flow of the piece, just pause for a bit, then start up a little before you made the mistake, deleting the bad line when you\'re done), and your voice is a bit stiff at the beginning(compare how free-flowing you sound when you get to the body to the jilted nature of the induction).\nAlso, the binaural is slightly too short for the file, it pulls out around the 30 minute mark, while there\'s still 2 minutes to go. Ideally, it should either pull out at the awakener, or not bother with coming back up in frequency.\nStill, good piece, I enjoyed. 4/5.
    This file is not to be missed. Seems like a discription but turns into much more. Enjoyed following along. I like the original and well thought out way SIMH presents his files. Also, I find the pauses and pronounciation of some words very disarming.
    I went so incredibly deep listening to this that I both lost track of the words and became more aware of them than ever. There were times when I would open my thought-mouth to speak a thought about what was said, only to find that what I thought was actually just Slutinmyhead\'s words instead, causing some confusion. That description may seem to not make any sense but I can\'t think of a better way to describe what it was.\n\nIt was also very informative. Although I feel like I didn\'t retain everything I learned consciously. If there were any specific suggestions besides being more susceptible to trance and feeling better about yourself then I don\'t remember them at all. \n\nI did wake up with an interesting idea for some type of story though, a hypnotist somehow manages to hypnotize someone so deep that they gain access to the collective unconscious, and start to give suggestions to it. Thus influencing everyone in the world simultaneously(Of course this couldn\'t possibly happen in real life, but I thought it was an interesting concept. What if they instilled themself as a new archetype? And they started showing up in everything because of it?). \n\nI feel that there was probably a suggestion to listen to more Slutinmyhead files because I\'m definitely finding myself feel and urgent need to look through your catalog again.
    Thanks for the awesome feedback. Your story idea sounds like it\'d make an interesting file too...
    i just listened to this the first time and it seemed to go on a long time. and i cant really remember any suggestions. i actually cant remember much at all. i recall mention of Jung. from what rgn writes i hope to become more susceptible to suggestions (so i might become deeper controled/manipulated) and trance better from this. i was going to write \"better amnesia\", but that seems to be no problem right now. would be great if it helped along in that regard, too.
    when listening again tonight it had the same effect: i recall nothing specific. i recall that at one place it talked about coming out. that is about it. afterwards i slept well. i managed to press stop before the count for wake up. i had insomnia before from files that told me \"and now you are wide awake and alert!\" and my night\'s sleep was toast.
    so, in the description it says: \"Trigger(by yourself), Permanent(when safe)\". i didnt notice any trigger. what is the trigger, and what does it do?\ni will listen again tonight. :-)
    this mp3 is great. everytime i listen i go out like a light. i wonder if any of the suggestions actually take hold. how do i find out? what is the trigger?
    You don\'t remember showing up on my doorstep in nothing but a bathrobe? Wa ha ha ha!
    another great file Sir
    SIMH, you keep taking me under deeper than I thought knew possible. It is incredible and relaxing. Makes me want to listen to all of your files, though not all of the themes are for me. It would\'ve nice to have files grouped by goals. Not everyone wants to become entirely gay, though becoming bi, especially along with one\'s partner, might attract some more listeners. The one file you have on this subject says that each eventually becomes gay, and loses desire for the other--a bridge too far. Another interesting file suggests leading your partner to listen to you, but again converts the listener to gay. Why not give up your partner, but still play with her, too? There\'s so much we could do together--and it\'s comforting to think of you as \"my\" safe and ethical hypnotist (though we both know you\'re naughty, too), but ideally be in a way that brings my partner into our hypnosexual world while enhancing our desires for each other as well as you.
    Entertainingly informative and most relaxing. Steady, calm delivery - tone and metre seem to work effectively on their own as an induction. Comforting to hear SimH\'s slant on Jung in this context. I\'ve completely listened to and enjoyed the file whilst wide awake (ironing) but its also great as a lullaby in bed if I don\'t feel like getting horny. Then wake up in the morning in a great mood.
    Listened last night for the first time and blacked out! First time ever, woke up abour 5mins before end, i should declare in the interests of fairness, that i had used \'learning to listen\' before as i thought this was a deepner, not an induction as well. excellent file, first time going VERY deep! ;)
    Thank you ;)
    this was the deepest journey I ever had...masterpiece,,,and it didnt make me scary...not at alll...i love it
    Incredible file. One of the deepest trances I've ever had. So amazing. Still processing how much this will improve my life and my trance.
    Profound. What an incredible file. Transformative. Thank you
    Can I get the script of this I want to see what's in it before I grab its audio I been scared once by hypnosis so. I want to believe in it once more so would you humour me please.