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    This is a file for guys. It installs the trigger phrase "Get a Boner, Boy," which would make the listener immediately achieve erection upon hearing it. The catch is, the file cannot be self-triggered. The file can only be triggered by another person, to whom the listener has told the trigger. Once triggered, however, the listener becomes entirely submissive to the person who triggered him: They will be unable to lose ntheir erection without permission, unable to cum without permission, unable to touch nthemselves without permission, and must submit to any act, sexual or otherwise, that the other person commands them, as long as it is not dangerous or illegal. The effects end when the user is untriggered with "you can go soft now, boy."

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    Trigger(by anyone)
    i have listened to this clip a total of three (3) times so far, and altho i believe i will need a few more sessions to be repeated before it takes full effect, i have become aware of a notable degree of activity between my legs when the trigger is spoken to me.\nSo far, i have only share the trigger with my partner, and on two separate and distinct occasions, He has said to me, \"Get a Boner, boy\", and each time, my prick takes on additional blood flow to where i am, without question, semi-erect, and quite rigid. \nFor one episode i was already nude, so my erection was straightforward, while during the other event i was wearing pants, but found that i \"wanted\" or \"needed\" to undo them. i pulled my jeans down to my knees, driven by what i am only able to describe as a \"desire\" to release my cock. \nOn both occasions, my partner took full advantage of the possibility that i could be readily made to submit to any sexual act of His choosing. i cannot, however, claim that my capitulation was due to the clip\'s influence. ;) \nIt has not, as of yet, been determined if my prick stays hard until He says, \"you can go soft now, boy\", but i do know that my dik seemed swollen and it jutted out from my bush at a 35-40 degree angle for an extended period of time. i kept my jeans tugged down to my knees for a good 45 minutes before i stripped completely. my prick was in a semi-rigid state throughout. \nOnce my partner and i have determined the undeniable success that this boy can get a boner on demand, there are several situations where it will be employed for His enjoyment. At that time, it has also been discussed that the trigger will be given to a good friend of O/ours, who is also my gym buddy. my partner has already reveled in the prospect of O/our friend triggering me to sport an erection while in the locker room, solely for His enjoyment and amusement, and for my humiliation. \ni think i need to listen to another couple of sessions as soon as i am finished here!
    Listened to this file and really liked it. I wonder if trigger works seeing it in text as well as hearing it.
    I listened it only once already and it really helped me and my ex fuck for a much longer period of time. Before hearing it I could only last five minutes and after hearing it I lasted nearly half an hour!
    Can someone give me a link to the file when you say the trigger \"stay erect now\" I don\'t remember what it\'s called
    Can it be trigger if a computer where to say it let\'s say