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    This file is intended to be a subliminal support and maintenance file for SlutinmyHead's Neural Remapping. The erotic connections between your mouth, pussy and ass are re-imagined several times, until any thought of them makes you crave sexual stimulation on any of these three very sensitive places. This file is perfect for the regular playlist, deeply embedding a lust for cocksucking with powerful arousal; the best listeners are those who identify as women, with male partners. May this file be understood as a wee gesture of homage to SlutinmyHead's excellent work!

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    Length: 08:38
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    I love this file. First, that you made it at all. Second, that it does something with my words I\'ve never done myself. And third, you have a great voice, even if it is difficult to hear under the music (being subliminal and all). Thank you :)
    You\'re very welcome! A pleasure to make, and fun to work with your ideas.
    I really enjoy this file. I listen to it quite often throughout the day. Not only does it arouse me but i think it also makes me happier when I\'m in a dull state of mind and also gets my mind ready to trance deep. I feel this light trance when i listen then immediately after i put some regular speaking file on. I feel I\'m more relaxed, mind more receptive, and go much deeper.
    I don't mean to be rude, but I wanted to make sure that you knew, you labeled this file as for straight women, and for transmen. I think you meant for transwomen?