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    Experience the fantasy of being hypnotized by your wife. She talks about sticking your hand to your cock, making you a chronic masturbator, letting her friends watch and maybe practice hypnotizing you themselves. She considers making it so you are always one grab, two licks or two thrusts away from orgasm when she\'s around. Lastly, she convinces you to let her spend the weekend with her high school crush. This script was written by me and read by Princess Surrender. Feedback appreciated. It motivates me and also makes it more fun for these girls recording for me. Thanks!

    Rating: ★★★★★ (17)
    Length: 23:54
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    This isn\'t what I think of as hypnosis, but it was incredibly erotic and very relaxing.
    I agree, I snuck up on me at the end!
    Err... \"it\" snuck up on me. Long day apparently :) I did quite enjoy this one though - it\'s a very hot listen.
    Wow, what a voice. I love the feminine pure tone--it\'s sexy, lovely, restrained, intelligent. The file isn\'t my cup of tea but I\'ll probably listen again and again just to hear Princess Surrender\'s voice--I don\'t care what she says! I\'ll do it! It\'s fantastic, more, more!
    Thank you guys :) This was my first attempt and I plan to re-record this for SlutInMyHead to work out some of the sound quality - first time with the program and all. He\'s been really great at introducing me into this. I really appreciate the comments, it makes me want to do more.
    This is my favourite work by Princess Surrender, far beyond my expectations. If you\'re at all interested in cuckold fetishes, you have to listen to this.
    This is a hot little script, but Princess Surrender, your voice is so... so very sexy. Maybe slow it down a bit. But with a voice like that, you could read just binary code and it would be the sexiest thing ever. \n\nI love the orgasm control and the exhibition themes. The hot wife portion is good, and I don\'t think with the story line could work with it any other way without a total lack of control. But perhaps others files might have less of a total submission thread? \n\nThank you both.\n \n\n\n
    Very interesting!
    just listened for the first time. i was amazingly hard! for the first time with a file from slutinmyhead i didn’t black out completely, but remember everything. i will listen again.
    Lots of hot fetishes in this; deceptive hypnosis, loss of control, fast or premature ejaculation, orgasm control, public humiliation (from her friends), cuckoldry; just, yumm yumm yumm, my ears and mind ate it up; and it is so easy to trance for Princess Surrender; Slut is Bernie Taupin; Princess is Elton John; such a great writing and vocal combo for erotic hypnosis; i will buy the next file; i will listen again.
    Absolutely fantastic! As one of the other reviewers said, this file is incredibly hot. It\'s the perfect combination of a great script read by a sexy female voice. If you enjoy these files for the story (as I do), and appreciate a female voice, I highly recommend this file! Slutinmyhead, please write more scripts like this!
    Great great file, covers a lot of ground, looking forward to playing with this a lot in the near future, and downloading some other files too! Great job!
    This file is so wonderful. I first heard it 24 hours ago and I have listened to it four times already. I love Princess Surrender\'s voice. I feel like she has helped me get my thoughts straight in my relationship with my wife and I will be forever in her debt. I can\'t get it out of my head and I just want to please my wife. Thank you!
    Hot file..... lllllD